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Powerful Problem Solving By Max Ray-Riek

Powerful Problem Solving Learn how students become proficient problem solvers by looking through the lens of the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Discover fresh approaches to problem solving and activities that will transform your students into active participants in math—all while promoting deep mathematical thinking.

Author: Max Ray-Riek

Max Ray-Riek Max Ray-Riek is a curriculum writer at Illustrative Mathematics and is the lead author of Powerful Problem Solving: Activities for Sense Making with the Math Practices. He previously worked for The Math Forum, focusing on fostering problem solving, communication, and valuing student thinking. Max is a former secondary mathematics teacher who regularly presents at regional and national conferences.

Problem of the Week

The Problem of the Week (PoW) resources featured in Powerful Problem Solving are generously provided by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). For additional Problem of the Week resources, join NCTM by clicking here.


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