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Boost math achievement with supercharged lessons and inquiry-based learning adventures that empower teachers and students.

Matific is serious about making math fun. From conceptual understanding to fluency, thousands of math activities designed by educational experts cover K-6 curriculum. Award-winning pedagogy and educational technology deliver adaptive agency and adventure driven by rigorous and rewarding responsiveness with easy-to-assign digital and printable activities. Timesaving, teacher-friendly reporting provides formative feedback and real-time insight to inform instruction and monitor progress.

Screenshot of a matific game with cute monsters.

See Why Matific is Terrific

Game-based learning with rigorous pedagogy
Students work through interactive and engaging content. Matific teaches critical thinking, problem solving, and reduces math anxiety. Carefully curated pedagogical content is wrapped in a fun journey of discovery.

Personalized learning pathways
The path students follow covers the full curriculum of topics and skills arranged to cater for their specific knowledge pages and needs. Students are also able to practice specific skills in a dedicated training zone.

Homework or classwork clearly identified
If a teacher has set specific work for students, this is presented in a dedicated section for a child to complete.

Why Matific?

  • Personalized and adaptive learning path
  • Proven to help boost math outcomes
  • Teacher-friendly interface for teaching and planning
  • Insightful reports track performance and progress
  • Game-based learning activities students love
Matific being used on various devices.

Math monsters playing in a band.

Math Solutions for every School District's Unique Needs

  • Aligned to district curriculums
  • Teacher training and ongoing support
  • Easy onboarding ... teachers can get started In minutes!
  • Roster classes with Google and Clever
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Available in 40+ languages including, English, Spanish, Chinese, and more.

"Matific is a fantastic tool for teaching mathematics intuitively and introducing children to scientific thinking."

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Prize Winner

Math@Heinemann Exclusive

Available throughout the United States

Do The Math

Included with Do The Math – flexible, focused, and effective inquiry-based intervention with carefully planned and paced classroom-tested lessons for developing students numerical understanding and skills.

Math Expressions

Included with Math Expressions, a balanced solution with digital connectivity and engaging print delivery that supports student ownership of learning, includes research-proven curriculum includes online assessment and computer-adaptive learning.


Available with standalone subscriptions, Matific is one of many educational solutions and professional learning services available from Heinemann that focus on student-centered teaching and learning.

"Matific is very easy to use, and our students enjoyed using it. Parents were also very impressed by what their children were learning and using."

Flagstone State School

Matific Works

Improves results by 34%
Using Matific in the classroom increases student results. (University of Western Sydney)

Drives engagement for 89%
Teachers recommend Matific to their colleagues and continue to use it in class. (Virginia, USA)

Increases interest by 31%
Students are more likely to agree that they "want to learn math." (Tamil Nadu, India)

Impact Learning Outcomes

Develops Deep Conceptual Understanding
Matific goes beyond surface-level understanding by offering math activities that are deeply rooted in pedagogy. Its guided exploratory experiences help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of math concepts.

Personalized Learning for Each Student
Matific’s intelligent algorithm analyzes each student’s performance and offers them a personalized, adaptive experience. Whether students need remediation, extension or motivation, Matific helps students grow in their own way! Teachers have full control and are able to assign specific activities, topics or areas of focus to their students. 

A math monster getting ready to play a game.

Math monster going on a journey.

Matific's pedagogical principles

Matific's core strength is the five-point pedagogical principles developed by experts from Stanford, Harvard, Berkley, and the Einstein Institute.

  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Critical Thinking
  • Meaningful Context
  • Personalized Learning
  • Intrinsic Engagement

Matific by the Numbers

  • 98% of teachers say their students enjoy Matific
  • 94% of teachers agree Matific offers variety in teaching
  • 1,250,000+ Happy Learners
  • 496+ Standards Covered
  • 60+ Countries
  • 40+ Languages
Math monster with a spaceship.

"Far more engaging for our students than other online platforms and we like how the questions were adaptive to the students' abilities."

Templeton Primary School

A screenshot of teacher reports.

Report on Success and Engagement

Easy to Track Student Progress
Eliminate administrative tasks for teachers with Matific’s automatic tracking system. Teachers can see student progress in real-time, helping them provide just-in-time interventions. Matific also offers global reporting, so teachers can view individual , group, and whole-class advances. 

School Reporting
Matific’s award-winning math platform automatically tracks student progress to show how each student and class are performing. The school reporting feature also tracks usage data across all grade levels. Aligned to school curriculum, Matific keeps students on track and advancing toward learning goals.

Multi School Reporting
Administrators must ensure that their investments are paying off. Matific’s easy-to-use reporting system allows leaders to track school progress and student outcomes. These reports help analyze the value Matific adds.

Great Tool for Teachers

Effortless Planning
Teachers can bring Matific’s lesson plans and tips to the classroom, easing the burden of planning and allowing them to focus on the students.

Activities and More
Thousands of engaging math activities give teachers options for teaching individuals, small groups, and the whole class!

Immediate Feedback
Real-time reporting keeps teachers updated on student progress and ready for intervention or enrichment.

Teacher Support
Matific offers free professional development support so that teachers can make the most of the educational technology.

Two screenshots of teacher tools.