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Saxon Phonics and Spelling

Accelerate Reading Growth with Systematic, Explicit, Research-Based Phonics Instruction

Build a solid foundation in phonics and help K–2 students become successful readers. Saxon Phonics & Spelling was built to explicitly teach phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency in a way that's supported by scientific research and has been proven effective by years of classroom success.

The many strands that are woven into skilled reading. Language comprehension becomes increasingly strategic: Background knowledge (facts, concepts, etc.), Vocabulary (breadth, precision, links, etc.), Language Structures (syntax, semantics, etc.), Verbal Reasoning (inference, metaphor, etc.), Literacy Knowledge (print concepts, genres,etc.). Word Recognition becomes increasingly automatic: Phonlogical Awareness (syllables, phonemes, etc.), Decoding (alphabetic principle, spelling-sound correspondences), Sight Reognition (of familiar words). The result is skilled reading: fluent execution and coordination of word recognition and text comprehension. The image, used with permission from the Publisher, originally appeared in the following publication: Scarborough, H.S. (2001). Connecting early language and literacy to later reading (dis)abilities: Evidence, theory, and practice. In S. Neuman & D. Dickinson (Eds.), Handbook of early literacy research (Vol. 1, pp. 97-110). Guildford Press. Permission conveyed through Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.

Effective Science-Based Instruction

Saxon's approach to teaching phonics and spelling concepts is based on foundational research in the science of reading and cognitive science. Ongoing reading assessments monitor progress and ensure knowledge sticks.

Proven to Drive Student Growth

A study conducted by PRES Associates, Inc. showed that students using Saxon demonstrated significant gains in reading, phonics, and spelling. The program also works for speakers of languages other than English and special education students.

graph of successful results

Motivational Learning Experiences

Explicit instruction, a multisensory approach to learning, multiple small- and whole-group activities, hands-on games, and active learning opportunities provide students with various opportunities to build foundational skills.

"Saxon Phonics & Spelling has provided a missing piece of our curricular puzzle on our elementary campuses. We now have a legitimately balanced reading instructional plan across our district that is proving to accelerate the literacy growth of our students."

Dr. Laurie Wells, Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator | Jacksonville ISD, TX


Built-In Tools to Support Instruction and Build Foundational Skills

Book covers for Who Helps?, Alberto Goes to the Beach, and The Picnic at the Pond.

Texts Students Want to Read

Decodable Readers allow students to practice reading with confidence, while Fluency Readers give each child many opportunities to practice during whole-group reading instruction or independent reading time. Controlled vocabulary is used throughout the program so students are able to achieve automaticity.

Multisensory Practice and Dyslexia Support

Saxon Phonics & Spelling provides multisensory instruction to support all learning modalities and aligns with the Orton-Gillingham approach for differentiated reading instruction. All students, including those with dyslexia, receive support for ongoing success.

A teacher supporting diverse learners.

Embedded Social and Emotional Learning

Not only do students learn the foundational reading skills they needed to become confident readers, they also get practice learning to manage their behavior through integrated classroom-management behavioral supports.


Accelerate student phonics, spelling, and reading growth.

Integrated Phonics, Spelling, and Handwriting Instruction

The relationship between reading and writing is vital to building early literacy skills. Saxon makes it easy to simultaneously teach phonics, spelling, and handwriting using a structured literacy approach with built-in instructional supports.

Incremental Learning and Controlled Practice

Explicit, systematic instruction given in small increments provides multiple opportunities for exposure. Teachers can review student progress daily, allowing them to know what students have mastered and where they might need additional support.

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Sample lessons

Differentiation in Every Lesson

Targeted, small-group activities support students who are striving, on-target, or need an extra challenge, by providing an additional focus on skills that were taught during the lesson.

Professional Learning with Saxon Phonics & Spelling

From Getting Started courses to online coaching videos, on-demand professional support helps you discover new strategies for teaching.

Guided Implementation

Implementation support begins with a Getting Started session that shows teachers how to get started with Saxon Phonics & Spelling.

Coaching Membership and Courses

Get personalized learning support from experienced coaches, delivered live online or in person, to track teacher goals.


Stay updated on our reading curriculum with the latest research.