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Small-Group and Independent Literacy Solutions

Personalized literacy development means that every student's unique needs are met with precision and care. Our small-group and independent learning resources are designed to support different literacy learning needs. These inquiry-based solutions help educators strengthen each learner's literacy skills, build their comprehension and ability to make meaning from texts, and empower them to become confident readers , writers, and thinkers.

Personalize the Path to Literacy Learning

Empowered Readers
Build engagement with a range of texts that resonate with students' diverse backgrounds and interests.

Tailored Support
Shape literacy journeys with appropriate challenges and meaningful support for each student's growth.

Deeper Comprehension
Promote deeper text analysis and discussion, enhancing every learner's knowledge and comprehension.

Elevate Your Small-Group and Independent Literacy Learning

Students talking about texts.

The Impact of Responsive Teaching

Empower each learner with instruction that meets their individual needs. Responsive teaching in small groups and during independent reading is a chance to tailor students' literacy learning to practice and reinforce foundational skills, strengthen comprehension, and create a greater joy for reading.

Building Understanding in Community

Small groups offer a unique way to strengthen literacy collectively. These flexible, discussion-rich environments help students learn to exchange ideas respectfully, build on the thinking of others, and apply new skills together-deepening their overall engagement and understanding.

Classroom-wide discussion

Fueling Self-Directed Exploration

Every student brings their own questions and curiosities to the classroom. Independent learning harnesses this individuality-helping students steer their exploration, dive into texts that challenge and excite them, and build knowledge that matches their personal interests and goals.

Small-Group and Independent Literacy Solutions that Get Results

Legacy of Excellence:
Over three decades of trusted, research-backed instruction.

Rich, Relevant Resources:
Thousands of engaging and diverse books, carefully created and chosen for today's students.

Broad Reach, Lasting Impact:
Proudly implemented in schools and districts across the U.S. and internationally.

Explore Our Small-Group and Independent Literacy Solutions

Guided Reading

Guided Reading is a responsive approach to literacy that brings the benefits of small-group instruction to every student in grades K-6. It's a blend of foundational skills practice, comprehension development, and writing activities that guide students' journey towards becoming confident readers and writers.

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Book Clubs

Structured around captivating books that spark lively discussions, Book Clubs encourage students to synthesize their literacy skills in a communal setting. They apply critical thinking, share insights, and explore texts collectively, fostering a deeper comprehension and a sense of investment in their reading journey.

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Independent Reading

Independent Reading offers students a diverse library of literature that encourages self-directed literary exploration. This resource puts a wealth of high-quality trade books at students' fingertips, inviting them to discover and immerse themselves in texts that align with their individual interests and skills.

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Learn More About Small-Group and Independent Literacy Learning

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