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Math! Inquiry! Action!

Active and Engaging Inquiry-Based Learning

From student-centered investigation and exploration to collaboration and reflection, inquiry-based learning, or IBL, helps schools build confidence and elevate learning to ensure sensemaking in math.

Teacher-focused approaches escalate flexible and focused intervention and differentiated instruction that helps make an impact with methods that drive...

  • active participation
  • student ownership
  • motivation and engagement
  • personalized learning
  • collaborative communication
  • real-world application
  • long term retention
  • understanding and reasoning
  • critical thinking
  • mindfulness
Explore Solutions
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Inquiry-based Approaches for Effective Math Learning, Teaching

Transform classrooms and bring learning to life with innovative strategies that empower students to become deep thinkers, active problem solvers, productive collaborators, and effective communicators.

Math Workshop

Elevate learning by differentiating instruction with responsive inquiry-based approaches.

Math Talk

Explore active and engaging collaborative inquiry-based learning that helps build confidence.

Problem Solving

Ensure sensemaking with mindful inquiry-based learning empowered by mindfulness and reflection.

Professional Books

From Inquiry to Action

Civic Engagement with Project-Based Learning in All Content Areas

Math Workshop

Five Steps to Implementing Guided Math, Learning Stations, Reflection, and More

Math games for Geometry and Measurement

Games to Support Independent Practice in Math Workshop and More

Inquiry-Based Classroom Resources

From Math Workshop and Math Talk to Problem Solving and More, Math@Heinemann's inquiry-based tools and critical strategies help build mastery and bring joy to the classroom! Build confidence and elevate learning while ensuring math makes sense with student-centered approaches and teacher-focused support. Working together, digital and print assessment, differentiated instruction, and professional learning deliver the actionable insight and intervention schools need to transform.

Learn more and sample these proven educational programs to see how to start implementing active and engaging inquiry-based learning and make an impact.

Do The Math

Flexible, focused, and formative modular math intervention for K-5

Math Expressions

Comprehensive math instruction with an inquiry learning path for PreK-6

Transition to Algebra

Explorations, problems and puzzles to build the logic of algebra

Professional Development for Math Teachers

Browse in-person or virtual consulting and coaching for more on best practices, instructional strategies, and other inquiry-based learning approaches.

Math Classroom Resources PD

Nurture deep-thinking students with practical tools and strategies from Heinemann that are designed to inspire mathematical authority and further your math professional development. Built around the most effective instructional strategies, these math classroom resources and PD options currently include Do The Math, Listening to Learn, Math in Practice, and Math by the Book.



Math Professional Books PD

Heinemann's math professional books are written by teachers for teachers and provide classroom-tested guidance, advice, and proven best practices. Math PD based on these books include in-person and virtual options based on popular bestsellers including Number Talks, Math Workshop, Mastering the Basic Math Facts, and Putting the Practices Into Action.



Math Educator PD Coaching

Break through barriers with professional development math coaching services for K-12 educators. Our coaches are former and current teachers, curriculum specialists, and subject matter experts, who work with school leaders and classroom teachers to create learning partnerships that are sustainable, data-driven, and customized to participants' particular needs.