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Math resources from Heinemann are written by educators, for educators, to support student-centered teaching and learning. Our authors start with a curiosity about students' thinking and numerical reasoning. By learning about what students understand, teachers can be responsive to their individual needs. The goal of our resources is to elevate teacher expertise, increase their comfort and confidence with math, and provide support for helping students make sense of the mathematics they're learning.

Matific – A New Adaptive Learning Math Solution

Gamified activities with rigorous pedagogy
Students work through interactive and engaging content. Matific teaches critical thinking and problem solving and reduces math anxiety. Carefully curated pedagogical content is wrapped in a fun journey of discovery.

Personalized learning pathways
The path students follow covers the full curriculum of topics and skills that cater to their specific knowledge gaps and needs. Students are also able to practice specific skills in a dedicated training zone.

New partnership with Matific

Professional Books

Heinemann's math professional books are written by teachers for teachers and provide classroom-tested guidance, advice, and proven best practices. With a focus on student-centered instruction, we believe all teachers should have our collection of math professional books on their bookshelf.

Classroom Resources

Heinemann's math classroom resources offer practical tools and strategies for teachers. Built around the most effective instructional strategies, these resources include ready-to-use teaching materials, lesson plans, formative assessments, and more.

Do The Math
Math Instruction
A K-5 supplemental program to help build numerical reasoning.

Do The Math provides carefully planned and paced classroom-tested lessons for developing students' numerical understanding and skills. Use during regular classroom instruction or for intervention support.

By: Marilyn Burns and a Team of Master Educators

Math Expressions
Math Instruction
Build deep understanding with this essential inquiry-based mathematics curriculum.

Math Expressions is a balanced solution with digital connectivity and engaging print delivery that supports student ownership of learning. Research-proven curriculum includes online assessment and computer-adaptive learning.

Transition to Algebra
Math Instruction
Support your struggling algebra students with EDC's research-based Transition to Algebra.

Transition to Algebra uses research-based approaches to help students shift thinking from arithmetic's concrete procedures to algebra's abstract reasoning. Lively, active, hands-on learning guides learning and teaching.

By: June Mark and Colleagues

Listening to Learn
A K-5 digital interview tool to assess numerical reasoning.

Listening to Learn helps teachers learn how to give one-on-one interviews to their students. The tool provides the reasoning strategies that students need, individual and class reports, professional learning labs, and more.

Math by the Book
Math Instruction
Teaching K-5 math through children's literature.

Math by the Book helps elementary educators teach math through the children's books they love. Activities and teaching strategies are paired with great literature to uniquely address grade-specific skills and content.

By: Sue O'Connell and Colleagues

Math in Practice
Teacher Support
Best-practice math instruction organized by grade-level.

Math in Practice addresses the big ideas in K-5 math instruction. Teachers explore key content and best practices, learn to incorporate those practices into their instruction, and reflect on their teaching.

By: Sue O'Connell and Colleagues

Professional Development

Heinemann's professional development for math teachers is created by educators and tested in classrooms. Learn more about our PD classes, coaching, and events so you are better prepared to go boldly into teaching math today.