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Whole-Group Literacy Solutions

Dive into inquiry-based learning with a comprehensive focus on literacy. Our tools address every stage of a student's literacy journey: from enhancing foundational skills to building knowledge, and from deepening comprehension to honing critical thinking. With our whole-group literacy resources, educators can cultivate proficient readers and writers, promote joyful classroom interactions, and support lasting literacy success.

Empower Every Learner with Whole-Group Literacy

Engaging from the Start
Inspire and captivate your students through literacy learning experiences that not only excite but empower. Encourage them to collaborate, share, and learn from their peers.

Building a Thriving Community
Whole-group literacy is more than just instruction. It fosters community, enhances classroom management, and boosts student agency.

Celebrating Diverse Perspectives
Enrich your classroom discussions by incorporating diverse views and experiences. Whole-group learning becomes a platform for insightful, inclusive conversations.

Elevate Your Whole-Group Literacy Instruction

Students talking about texts.

Cultivate Curiosity through Student Inquiry

Every student holds within them a world of questions and wonder. Our solutions provide educators with the tools to tap into this natural curiosity. Through structured yet flexible approaches, students are encouraged to ask questions, seek answers, and dive deep into the world of texts—all while actively engaging with their learning.

Strengthen Comprehension through Discussion

In a classroom buzzing with ideas, it's essential that every voice is heard. Our tools and strategies create spaces where students can engage in meaningful discussions, immersing themselves in the text and with their peers. Through these guided conversations, students process and analyze a multitude of perspectives, enhancing comprehension and fostering a deeper appreciation for literacy.

Classroom-wide discussion

Empower Growth with Responsive Teaching

Every student's learning journey is unique. That's why our resources are designed with responsive teaching in mind, meeting learners where they are and guiding them forward. This personalized approach ensures not only consistent progress but also builds confidence that enables students to thrive in the literacy classroom and beyond.

Whole-Group Literacy Solutions that Get Results

Legacy of Excellence:
Over three decades of trusted, research-backed instruction.

Rich, Relevant Resources:
Thousands of engaging and diverse books, carefully created and chosen for today's students.

Broad Reach, Lasting Impact:
Proudly implemented in schools and districts across the U.S. and internationally.

Explore Our Whole-Group Literacy Solutions

Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study: Master Foundational Skills

Lay the groundwork for effective reading with a comprehensive study of phonics, spelling, and word patterns. The explicit instruction in Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study is a stepping stone for confident readers, ensuring they recognize and understand words effortlessly.

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Interactive Read-Aloud: Shared Journeys with Stories

Dive into captivating narratives with Interactive Read-Aloud. This approach transforms storytelling into a collaborative journey, where students actively engage, share insights, and connect with the text and their peers.

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Shared Reading: Diving Deeper Together

Bring texts to life through shared experiences. Shared Reading uses captivating, enlarged texts and encourages students to voice their understanding, listen to peers, and collaborate on interpretations—fostering an inclusive learning environment.

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Reading Minilessons: Structured, Flexible Instruction

Channel student curiosity with focused, targeted lessons. Reading Minilessons guide students on a journey from inquiry to understanding, ensuring every lesson is both engaging and instructive. Additionally, they empower educators to choose the just-right lessons for their students’ needs.

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Writing Minilessons: Crafting Thoughts into Words

Empower students to convey their ideas effectively. Writing Minilessons offer structured guides to transform thoughts into coherent, captivating texts, refining both their thinking and writing skills. They also enable teachers to match the needs in their classroom with targeted instruction.

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Learn More About Whole-Group Literacy

Build Your Literacy Toolbox: Free Resources

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