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Seminar ImageMath by the Book: Teaching Mathematics Through Children's Literature

Based on the PD resource, Math by the Book: Second Grade Pack
Recommended Grade Level: Grades K-5


Developed by Susan O'Connell

Do your students think about math as just numbers and procedures? When we explore math through a context, students connect numbers and procedures to real situations and recognize mathematics in the world around them. In this session, you will explore fun and meaningful ways to bring context to your math teaching through children's books that are just right for students in grades K-5. You will discover a wealth of children's literature that set a perfect context for exploring mathematics and examine ideas for connecting literature to the math skills and concepts you are teaching.

Course goals:

  • Reflect on the importance of teaching mathematics through context
  • Identify strategies for selecting literature that sets a context for teaching math skills and concepts
  • Explore literature-based classroom investigations that help students discover and make sense of important math ideas
  • Examine a before-, during-, and after-reading approach to explore literature with K-5 students
  • Examine story-based problems and prompts to get students thinking and communicating about their math understanding
  • Identify a wealth of children's literature that sets a context for math explorations
  • Explore ways to seamlessly insert children's literature into your current curriculum
  • Identify resources to support the integration of mathematics and literature

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