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Seminar ImageListening to Learn Professional Learning

Based on the PD resource, Listening to Learn Professional Learning
Recommended Grade Level: Grades K-5


Presented by professional learning specialists

Please note: We recommend that teachers/coaches watch the 30-minute Marilyn Burns video Learning How Students Reason prior to attending the Introductory Session. (This video information is shared with customers when professional learning is purchased and scheduled.)


Listening to Learn is a one-to-one interview tool for helping teachers understand how their students reason numerically. Use of the tool supports intentional instructional decisions while also building positive relationships between teachers and their students. This series of professional learning opportunities provides teachers with the understanding and skills needed to implement Listening to Learn interviews with their students, using what they learn to plan for classroom instruction that supports students' numerical reasoning.

Introductory Session (3-Hour Virtual Session)

This session introduces teachers to Listening to Learn so that they understand the features of the tool, how to conduct interviews, and the data presented in Listening to Learn reports. Participants use their own Listening to Learn accounts as they navigate the tool, using what they learn to create an action plan for implementing one-to-one interviews with their students.

Session Outcomes:

  • Describe the Listening to Learn structure, protocol, and resources.
  • Explain the benefits of utilizing student interviews for math teaching and learning.
  • Develop an action plan for implementing Listening to Learn with students.

Small-Group Coaching Sessions

Each Small-Group Coaching session is 90 minutes in length and is designed for specific grade level combinations: K-1, 2-3, 4-5. While the sessions address identified features of Listening to Learn, they also provide opportunities to focus on expressed teacher needs.

Small-Group Coaching Session One: Exploring Reasoning Labs

During this session, participants engage in a Listening to Learn Reasoning Lab, providing an opportunity for further guided practice listening to students and identifying explanations. Participants also examine the information provided in Individual reports and explore and experience suggested instructional ideas for use in their classrooms.

Small-Group Coaching Session Two: Understanding and Using Reports

This session provides the opportunity for participants to build their understanding of the information provided in Individual and Class Reports, recognizing how Listening to Learn has identified the important numerical strategies for reasoning mentally and matches each student's explanation to one or more of these strategies. Participants will also take time to consider the mathematical foundations and strategies across interviews. (This session is best scheduled after teachers have interviewed all or almost all their students.)

Small-Group Coaching Session Three: Exploring Strategy Labs

In the third Small-Group Coaching Session, participants engage in a Listening to Learn Strategy Lab. As in Small-Group Coaching Session One, they have the opportunity for further guided practice listening to and matching explanations, with the focus on the strategies that link to student explanations. Participants plan how they will continue to use the Listening to Learn Labs to support their instructional decisions for building students' numerical reasoning.

Additional Coaching Sessions

Additional coaching sessions may be purchased to meet identified customer needs, using these coaching practices:

  • Analyzing student work/data
  • Goal setting
  • Classroom visits with debrief
  • Collaborative planning
  • Model lessons
  • Co-teaching
  • Professional study

For pricing information, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402.