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Listening to Learn Overview

Listening to Learn

Listening to Learn is a K–5 digital interview tool that helps teachers learn how their students reason numerically. The interviews can be used throughout the year to help guide instructional planning. Listening to Learn also includes interactive professional learning labs to support teachers.

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Full Description

A message from Marilyn Burns and Lynne Zolli:

“In Listening to Learn interviews, we ask students to solve problems mentally, without using paper and pencil. Students’ explanations for how they reason provide important and useful insights for planning instruction. We hope that our collaboration on interviewing will help teachers learn how their students reason numerically and how to best serve their needs.”

With Listening to Learn, you’ll get access to:

  • All 10 Interviews across the four content areas
  • The essential reasoning strategies identified by Marilyn and Lynne
  • Class and individual reports for planning instruction
  • More than 40 unique and interactive professional learning labs that offer support and guidance from Marilyn and Lynne.
  • Additional resources that include an extensive video library, downloadable question cards in both English and Spanish, FAQs, instructional suggestions, and more.

District and School Inquiries
To speak with a Heinemann sales representative about purchasing Listening to Learn for a school or district, please fill out this form and we will be in touch soon. Or, you can find your area sales representative here. 

For more information about Listening to Learn, visit

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