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Do The Math Professional Learning

Essential for all students is learning to reason numerically. Do The Math provides classroom-tested lessons that help students develop the reasoning strategies they need to support their mathematics learning in elementary school and beyond. Whether used as core instruction to develop students’ numerical reasoning, in small groups to support students who need extra time, or for summer school support, Do The Math provides effective, scaffolded instruction.

Do The Math "Getting Started" Professional Development

Do The Math Getting Started professional learning develops teachers’ understanding of the Do The Math program and how it builds students’ numerical reasoning. Teachers learn how to support the development of students’ whole number and fraction understanding and skills, as they spend time exploring the program and preparing for their first week of instruction. Teachers engage with the Do The Math Professional Learning Guide, a valuable digital resource that supports their classroom implementation.


Participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the Do The Math program design and how it supports students' numerical reasoning.
  • Investigate the print and digital components of Do The Math for the purpose of effectively implementing the program.
  • Prepare to teach the first week of Do The Math.

Learn more about Do The Math professional learning options offered in full-day and half-day formats.

Do The Math Coaching

Do The Math coaches work with school leaders and classroom teachers to create learning partnerships that are sustainable, data-driven, and customized to participants' particular needs. Our coaches are former and current teachers, curriculum specialists, and subject matter experts, and look forward to partnering with small groups or individual teachers to support Do The Math implementation.

Coaching Components

  • Master Do the Math coaches help teachers deepen their understanding of the program’s design and carefully scaffolded content.
  • Coaches and teachers collaborate in a student-centered coaching cycle to analyze student work, develop student learning targets, learn new instructional skills, and apply new learning in the classroom.
  • Teachers and coaches engage in a variety of coaching practices to include:
    • Analyzing student work/data
    • Goal-setting
    • Classroom visits with debrief
    • Collaborative planning
    • Model lessons
    • Co-teaching
    • Professional study

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