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Seminar ImageMath in Practice: Tips, Tools, and Resources for Building Math Understanding

Based on the PD resource, Math in Practice Grade 2 Pack
Recommended Grade Level: Grades K-5


Developed by Susan O'Connell

Are you looking for new strategies and approaches to help your students better understand math? Do you wish you could help your students enjoy math while teaching them critical math skills? In this seminar, Sue O'Connell illustrates practical strategies that make math come alive for students. Her questioning techniques, interactive tasks, helpful suggestions, and array of resources illustrate doable ways to build math understanding. You will discover a wealth of classroom-ready ideas and activities to take immediately back to your classroom.

Course goals:

  • Reflect on math investigations that lead to important math discoveries
  • Identify key teacher questions that promote math understanding
  • Discover ways to simplify math problem solving for students
  • Explore the words of math and identify strategies to help students talk more precisely about their thinking
  • Explore ways to make math visual for students and to connect concrete and visual representations to abstract math representations
  • Learn simple math routines that work at all grade levels to revisit and reteach important math concepts
  • Examine ways to build students' confidence with and love of math

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