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Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade 2 w/ Trade Pack

A Workshop Curriculum

By Lucy Calkins, Shanna Schwartz, Amanda Hartman, Celena Dangler Larkey, Lindsay Wilkes, Lauren Kolbeck, Brianna Parlitsis, Elizabeth Moore, Teachers College Reading & Writing Project

Through these units, children evolve from being “little-kid” readers to well-rounded, “big-kid” readers. The units encourage students to apply all their skills to decipher hard words, understand author’s craft, and build big ideas. Unit 1 focuses on fiction while Unit 2 deals with nonfiction. The third unit explores fluency, understanding figurative language, and comprehension, and the final unit invites children to work within series book clubs. 


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About the Grade 2 Units

In second grade, children move from a “little-kid” focus on print to a “big-kid” focus on meaning. The first unit, Second-Grade Reading Growth Spurt, teaches children to take charge of their reading, drawing on everything they know to figure out hard words, understand author’s craft, and build big ideas about the books they read. Children learn that books can be their teachers in the second unit, Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction, in which they learn more about familiar topics and grow understanding of new topics while working on word solving, vocabulary development, and comparing and contrasting information across texts. In the third unit, Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power, children learn strategies to build three foundational reading skills—fluency, understanding figurative language, and comprehension. In the final unit for second grade, Series Book Clubs, children work within book clubs to study author’s craft to understand ways authors use word choice, figurative language, punctuation, and even patterns to construct a series and evoke feelings in readers.

About the Series

Drawing on learning gleaned from decades of research, curriculum development, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with students, teachers, and school leaders, Lucy Calkins and her colleagues at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project have developed the Units of Study for Teaching Reading. Designed to meet ambitious 21st century global standards, this reading series offers grade-by-grade curricula rooted in the Project’s best practices and newest thinking. It includes state-of-the-art tools and methods for teaching reading skills and strategies, grounded in the Project’s learning progressions for narrative and informational reading. 

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Purchase Recommendation: Choose the Grade 2 Units of Study with the Trade Book Pack (as shown in this product bundle) if your library does not already include the mentor texts referenced in the Units. If you do not need the trade book pack, purchase the Grade 2 Units of Study without the Trade Book Pack.

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Four Units of Study

  • comprised of one foundational unit and three other units to address reading fiction and informational texts
  • lay out 4-5 weeks of instruction (16-18 sessions) in each unit
  • include all of the teaching points, minilessons, conferences, and small-group work needed to teach a comprehensive workshop curriculum
  • model Lucy and her colleagues’ carefully crafted teaching moves and language

A Guide to the Reading Workshop, Primary Grades

  • crystallizes the essential principles, methods, and structures of effective reading workshop instruction (The Guidenow available for separate purchase, can be an essential manual for principals, curriculum coordinators, coaches, and others who are supporting implementation of Units of Study—or for anyone wanting to learn more about reading workshop).

If… Then… Curriculum

  • offers additional units of study
  • presents if/then conferring scenarios that support targeted instruction and differentiation

Large-Format Anchor Chart Sticky Notes

  • Large-format preprinted Anchor-Chart Sticky Notes with illustrated teaching points help teachers create and evolve anchor charts across each unit

Online Resources

  • Video Orientations
  • Spanish translations of important resources—includes Spanish translations of Anchor Chart Sticky Notes and Learning Progressions. Also available are lists of Spanish-language mentor texts and translated Teaching Points.
  • Downloadable and printable files for the anchor charts, figures, student exemplars, homework assignments, and checklists in every session
  • Digital files for resources provided in Reading Pathways, including Learning Progressions, sample student work, and charts 

Mentor Texts

The Grade 2 Trade Pack includes age-appropriate texts that feature heavily in the units. They are teaching texts, meant to be used in read aloud or shared reading to model effective reading strategies and provide background knowledge. .

  • Days With Frog And Toad by Arnold Lobel
  • Happy Like Soccer by Maribeth Boelts
  • Houndsley And Catina by James Howe
  • Katie Woo Has The Flu by Fran Manushkin
  • Knights In Shining Armor by Gail Gibbons
  • Mercy Watson To The Rescue by Kate DiCamillo
  • Minnie And Moo Go Dancing by Denys Cazet
  • Owl Moon by Jane Yolen
  • The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron
  • Those Darn Squirrels! by Adam Rubin
  • Tigers by Laura Marsh
  • Tigers by Valerie Bodden


Companion Resources

Independent Reading for Students:

The following TCRWP Classroom Libraries shelf was curated to specifically align with the Second Grade Units of Study.


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