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Toolkit Texts: Grades 4-5

Short Nonfiction for Guided and Independent Practice

Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis

SeriesThis product is part of the series: The Comprehension Toolkit Series

ISBN 978-0-325-01196-7 / 0-325-01196-6 / 2007 / 80pp / BOOK WITH CD
Imprint: FirstHand
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Grade Level: 4th - 5th
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"These articles lend themselves to active reading, giving kids a great place to annotate and work out their thinking as they read."
--Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

In response to the overwhelming demand for more high-quality, age-appropriate nonfiction texts, Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis have developed the four-volume series Toolkit Texts: Short Nonfiction for Guided and Independent Practice. Each volume provides a library of age-appropriate nonfiction articles in a reproducible format. Personally selected and edited by Harvey and Goudvis, each article is matched to the strategies described in Toolkit series.

The articles in each volume:

  • focus on high-interest topics that help build strong readers while also building background knowledge in numerous content areas
  • give students an opportunity to read and process the kinds of passages typically found on state tests
  • present information in a range of formats typical of nonfiction texts including time lines, sidebars, interviews, and maps and diagrams
  • are supported by teaching strategies that describe how to integrate the articles into your Toolkit instruction.

Plus, the accompanying CD-ROM provides all of the informational texts in English and Spanish.

Select the volumes that will best address your students needs.
Toolkit Texts, Gr. K-1
Toolkit Texts, Gr. 2-3
Toolkit Texts, Gr. 4-5
Toolkit Texts, Gr. 6-7
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For a comprehensive overview of the Comprehension Toolkit series including sample lessons, a new Summer School Literacy Guide, free nonfiction short texts in Spanish (K-2), lists of alternative texts, teacher feedback , and presentation materials  visit http://www.comprehensiontoolkit.com


The 40 articles (68 pages of student text) in grades 4-5 explore a range of topics of interest to young children including articles about animals, ecology, sports, Native American history and culture, social and environmental change, and paleontology.

  • Dozens of Dinos
  • Scoop on Dino Poop
  • Amazing Antarctica
  • Living at the Bottom of the World
  • Dear Mother Earth: An Earthly Advice Column
  • Iceburgs: Floating Iceburgs
  • Rainforest Hero
  • Craig Kielburger: Kids to the Rescue
  • Ryan's Well: Clean Water for Kids
  • Seeing the Needs of Others: Guide-Dog Puppy Raisers
  • The Braille System: The Language of Touch
  • You Have a Choice
  • The Struggle for Equal Rights
  • Words of Peace
  • War: What Happens When Nations Don't Work it Out?
  • Jai Alai: The Fastest Game in the World
  • Queen Alliquippa, Seneca Leader
  • Three Shades of Chocolate
  • Chocolate Belt
  • Chocolate: The Happy Food (or, Take Your Medicine)
  • Strange Tree
  • Ancient Mexico--Where and When
  • Aztec School Days
  • Fighting Fire from Head to Toe
  • Firefighting through the Ages
  • Great Chicago Fire
  • For Men Only? Not!
  • Interview with a Fire Inspector
  • Negro Baseball Leagues
  • Women of the Negro Leagues
  • Jack Roosevelt Robinson: Baseball's First Black Superstar
  • My Name is Now. . .
  • Where in the World Did We Come From?
  • Inalienable Rights
  • Riding for Freedom
  • We Were Here, Too
  • A Magical Pen
  • Swim School
  • Long Swim
  • Shark

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