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Do The Math

NYSTL & NYC Approved Intervention Program

Do The Math helps New York City students catch up and keep up by rebuilding their mathematical foundation and focusing on critical math concepts. Designed to support at-risk and struggling students, as well as those who require more practice, the program provides the skills and understanding students need to progress to grade-level proficiency during the school year.

Every Student Can Succeed.

Math is about more than finding the correct answer. It's about using numerical reasoning to find the best strategy for solving a problem. Hear more about Do The Math from Marilyn Burns.



Do the Math — Grades 1–5
Build a solid mathematical foundation with classroom-tested lessons

"Classroom tested" means there's plenty of support in each module's 30 half-hour lessons. Teachers build capacity as students move from basic conceptual understanding to skills development in addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

"One thing I learned is that I take too much for granted in the classroom. I've assumed that students' know things they really don't. The Do The Math program reveals their misconceptions."

— ESL and AIS Math Teacher


In spring 2008, the Scholastic Research and Validation Department collaborated with independent research consultants to conduct a study in six public schools in New York City to gather data and document the impact of implementing Do The Math. Developed by Marilyn Burns and a team of Math Solutions master classroom teachers, Do The Math is a research-based intervention program designed to support students who are struggling with elementary arithmetic. With an emphasis on Number and Operations—the cornerstone of elementary math education—the program helps students build a strong foundation in computation, number sense, and problem solving for immediate and long-term learning.

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Professional Development Options

Do The Math – Getting Started develops teachers' understanding of the Do The Math intervention program and how its classroom-tested instruction builds students' numerical reasoning. Teachers learn how to support the development of their students' understanding and skills with whole numbers and fractions by using Do The Math lessons, games, children's literature, and assessments.

During Do The Math Coaching coaches work with school leaders and classroom teachers to build on the Getting Started experience, creating learning partnerships that are sustainable, data-driven, and customized to participants' particular needs.

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