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A Teacher’s Guide to Interactive Writing

The Classroom Essentials Series

New in the Classroom Essentials Series, A Teacher's Guide to Interactive Writing provides the what, why, and how of using this powerful teaching tool in Grades PreK-2.  Kindergarten teacher Matt Halpern shows you what interactive writing looks and sounds like in over 20 classroom videos.  


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eBook + Print Bundle

The Classroom Essentials Series

Full Description

Welcome to interactive writing, a foundational classroom practice that helps our youngest students discover the joy of writing as a community of learners.  Letters, sounds, spelling patterns, and concepts of print come to life when teachers share the pen with children, collaborating to create text.

A Teacher’s Guide to Interactive Writing shares the principles, routines, and strategies of interactive writing in the PreK-2 classroom.  You’ll watch how the magic happens, across the day and across subject areas, in 23 classroom videos with teacher Matt Halpern.  Abundant teaching tips help you seamlessly weave interactive writing into your daily practice—no matter your curriculum or instructional approach.

Give your students the confidence to become “writers” even from the very beginning, with interactive writing.

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