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The Classroom Essentials Series

A list of books in the Classroom Essentials series.

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A Teacher's Guide to Getting Started with Beginning Writers
Classroom Essentials

Katie Wood Ray, Lisa B Cleaveland

How can I help my youngest students become writers? How can I establish a routine for writing in my classroom? Why is making books developmentally appropriate? In Lisa Cleaveland’s classroom, writing workshop is a time every day when her students make books. Katie Wood Ray guides you through the first days in Lisa’s classroom, offering ideas, information, strategies, and tips to show you step by step how you can launch primary... more


A Teacher's Guide to Writing Conferences
Classroom Essentials

Carl Anderson, Edited By Katie Wood Ray

How can I get started with conferring, or improve my conferences?
How can conferences help me meet the diverse needs of student writers?
How can I fit conferences into my busy writing workshop schedule? Helping students become better writers is what writing conferences are all about. In A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences, Carl Anderson explains the underlying principles and reasons for conferring with students,... more