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Core Instructional Routines

Go-To Structures for the 6-12 Classroom

Andrea and Judy offer routines that support literacy development within and across subjects, and that make learning in secondary classrooms more relevant and interactive.

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How can a secondary teacher reconcile the heavy demands of the content curriculum with best practices while enhancing students’ literacy skills in the content areas?   Core Instructional Routines helps you build background knowledge and literacy within and across subjects using “SWRL” (Speak, Write, Read, and Listen) routines that make learning more relevant and interactive.  Andrea Honigsfeld and Judy Dodge share ample opportunities for creative collaboration, critical analysis, meaning-making, and student engagement.  “Contrary to the belief that routines can lead to dull, repetitive, unimaginative, scripted ways of teaching,” they write, “we believe that the routines here will not only lay the framework for predictable structures, instructional consistency, and skill building, but also provide plenty of opportunity for teacher autonomy, creative expression, and nurturing the desire to learn in each child.”

Trust Core Instructional Routines for results that are anything but routine.

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Companion Resources

Chapter 1: Beginning-of-Year Routines

pdf | word  All About Me Cinquain

pdf | word  Line-by-Line Scaffolds for an Autobiographical Poem

pdf | word  Interest Inventory

pdf | word  Find Someone Who…

pdf | word  Course Contract

pdf | word  In How Many Ways Am I Smart?


Chapter 2: Beginning-, Middle-, and End-of-Class Routines

pdf | word  A Generic Set of Blooming Questions

pdf | word  Question Starters for Partners’ Inquiry Routine

pdf | word  Reflect and Connect!

pdf | word  Vocabulary Self-Assessment Scale

pdf | word  Outer-Circle Tasks

pdf | word  Column Note Taking

pdf | word  Dialectical Journal

pdf | word  Choice Exit Card Template

pdf | word  Questions for Self-Evaluation and Goal Setting


Chapter 3: Beginning-, Middle-, and End-of-Unit Routines

pdf | word  Anticipation Guide

pdf | word  S-O-S Summary Template

pdf | word  S-O-S Summary Sketch

pdf | word  Word Inquiry Template

pdf | word  Frayer Model

pdf | word  Cross Examination Template

pdf | word  Text Analysis Template

pdf | word  My Talk-About Foldable

pdf | word  Talk-About Self-Evaluation Checklist

pdf | word  Example of Tiered Choice Homework

pdf   Foldable Template

pdf | word  Alphabet Round-Up

pdf | word  MathChat! Discussion Rubric


Chapter 4: Routines for Each Marking Period

pdf | word  Chapter Graphics Project Assignment: Guidelines

pdf | word  Indian History and Religion Board Game Project

pdf | word  Board Game: Peer Review


Chapter 5: End-of-Course Routines

pdf | word  I Wonder…

pdf | word  Interdisciplinary Gallery: Information Sheet

pdf | word  Sixth-, Seventh-, and Eighth-Grade End-of-Year Reflection Task

pdf | word  End-of-Year Self-Evaluation Checklist

pdf | word  Directions to Write an End-of-Year Memoir