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Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Reading

With More Than 75 Articles from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, Car and Driver, Chicago Tribune, and Many Others

By Harvey "Smokey" Daniels, Nancy Steineke

Smokey and Nancy support content-area and language-arts teachers alike by pairing more than 75 short, kid-tested reproducible nonfiction texts with 33 simple, ready-to-go lessons that deepen comprehension and support effective collaboration.

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This product is part of the series:  The Texts and Lessons Series

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“To have any hope of kids investing fully in the subject matter, we have to start by evoking their curiosity and get them interested in the topic.  Engaging the students can’t wait.  If we wait for the fun stuff that might pop up later, the kids will have already jumped ship.”

Harvey “Smokey” Daniels and Nancy Steineke

Today we’re all expected to be “teachers of reading”—no matter what our subject area. With Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Reading, Harvey “Smokey” Daniels and Nancy Steineke support content-area and language-arts teachers alike by pairing more than 75 short, kid-tested reproducible nonfiction texts with 33 simple, ready-to-go lessons that deepen comprehension and support effective collaboration. 

In the same teacher-friendly, classroom-wise voices that made Subjects Matter and Content-Area Writing bestsellers, Daniels and Steineke prove that with the right materials and the right lessons, you can turn your kids into much better readers in your subject field by showing:

  • how proficient readers think
  • how skillful collaborators act
  • how to use quick and engaging activities that add to,
    not steal from subject-matter learning. 

Each real-world text was chosen for its subject-area relevance, its interest to teens, and for its “wow factor”—the texts most likely to engage kids in discussion and debate.  Step-by-step lessons accompany each text, including:

  • 23 Strategy Lessons that focus closely on at least one key comprehension strategy or collaboration skill that proficient learners use, and address the Common Core Standards for ELA
  • 10 Text Set Lessons that directly align to commonly taught curricular topics and offer a deeper, longer engagement in the subjects and strategies at hand.

Watch what happens when you give your kids a combination of interesting texts, instruction in smart-reader strategies, and an explicit understanding of good discussion skills.  Meeting the standards has never been so much fun.

Better Together! 

Used together, Texts and Lessons for Teaching Literature and Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Reading give you all the lesson ideas you need for all text types. Save 15% when you buy them together in a Texts and Lessons Bundle.

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Strategy Lessons

1. Turn and Talk
2. Read with a Question in Mind
3. Text Annotation
4. Text Coding
5. Sketching Through the Text
6. Two-Column Notes
7. Reading a Visual Image
8. Think Aloud
9. Pair Reading
10. Save the Last Word for Me
11. Conversation Questions
12. Support Your Position
13. Written Discussion
14. Text on Text/Collaborative Annotation
15. Alternative Perspective Writing
16. Point-of-View Annotation
17. Arguing Both Sides
18. Where Do You Stand?
19. Gallery Walk
20. Carousel Brainstorming
21. Tableaux
22. Quotation Mingle
23. Jigsaw

Text Set Lessons

1. Invasive Species
2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
3. Country X
4. Factory Farming
5. Child Labor
6. E-Waste
7. Crash
8. Privacy
9. Pandemic


Companion Resources



Strategy Lesson 4: Text Coding

Strategy Lesson 6: Two-Column Notes

Strategy Lesson 7: Reading a Visual Image

Strategy Lesson 10: Save the Last Word for Me

Strategy Lesson 11: Conversation Questions

Strategy Lesson 12: Support Your Position

Strategy Lesson 13: Written Discussion

Strategy Lesson 14: Text-on-Text, or Collaborative Annotation

Strategy Lesson 15: Alternative Perspective Writing

Strategy Lesson 17: Arguing Both Sides

Strategy Lesson 19: Gallery Walk

Strategy Lesson 20: Carousel Brainstorming

Strategy Lesson 21: Tableaux

Strategy Lesson 23: Jigsaw


Text Set 1: Invasive Species
Suggested Links for Invasive Species:

Text Set 2: PTSD

Text Set 3: Country X

Text Set 4: Factory Farming

Text Set 5: Child Labor

Text Set 6: E-Waste

Text Set 7: Crash

Text Set 8: Privacy

Text Set 9: Pandemic

Text Set 10: Encounters

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