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Strategies to Go

The Jennifer Serravallo Digital Companion

Subscribe now to Strategies to Go for a fast, convenient way to take a new step toward responsive instruction. Like all the resources you depend on from Jennifer Serravallo, it streamlines planning, conferring, and small groups. All through digital access to 600 of Jennifer Serravallo’s reading and writing strategies plus new tools to make the most of them.  


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Full Description

Strategies to Go gives you digital access to Jennifer Serravallo’s reading and writing strategies plus new tools to make the most of them. It's a broswer-based app that gives you a fast, convenient way to streamline planning, conferring, and small groups while increasing responsiveness and differentiation.

You'll discover two hugely helpful tools in Strategies to Go: An intuitive strategy finder and a way to take and manage notes that connects students, small groups, and strategies. As you look for strategies to meet a student's needs, you'll have powerful search tools and filters that help you narrow down your choices, plus a clear, intuitive presentation that helps you bring them into any instructional or planning setting. Then when you take notes on the easy-to-use editor, you'll create a history of a child's learning that automatically connects them with key strategies and learning contexts so you can monitor progress at a glance.

The more you use Strategies to Go, the more you'll discover how its built-in flexibility gives you options to use its powerful features in whatever way best suits your teaching style. Get your one-year subscription now to increase the efficiency of your teaching and save precious instructional time.

Search Results

Find just-right strategies fast using intuitive filter and sorting functions


Favorite strategies, link them to students or groups, and make planning notes about them

Strategy Cards

Take notes on students or groups, flag them for easy viewing, track progress over time, and export notes to share with colleagues

Planning Notes

Wherever you have internet access, you have Strategies to Go. It works anywhere from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Strategies to Go on various devices.

Your one-year subscription gets you unlimited access to all of Strategies to Go's features, as well as periodic enhancements to its content and features. And, because it is browser-based, you don't have to download an app and schools aren't required to commit any server space to it. It's truly an all-in-one resource for strategy-based teaching.

Strategies to Go is a browser-based resource. For best performance, be sure to get the latest update for your browser.