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The Reading Strategies Book 2.0:
Research. New Strategies. Skill Progressions. Ready-to-go charts.

Evidence-based differentiation made easier

The dramatically new and improved The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 and its flipbook of Companion Charts are designed to be trusted, research-aligned companions for any K–8 reading classroom—no matter your curriculum, subject area, or instructional approach.

Desktop display of 300+ charts from the book, 200 of which are new in this 2.0 edition.

User-friendly format with clear explanations, examples, and visuals.

Get the book and Companion Charts for one great price.

3 New Reasons You’ll Love
The Reading Strategies Book 2.0

  1. More explicit connections to research
    • Research base of 700+ studies
    • Citations for each strategy
    • Meticulously researched all new introduction chapter
  2. The latest instructional thinking
    • 300+ lessons: almost 100 new; all others heavily revised
    • 200 new classroom-ready charts
  3. Goal-focused, if–then skill progressions
    • Target the exact strategy for each reader
    • Simplify and streamline planning and monitor progress
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Take Your Instruction to the Next Level

The Companion Charts are invaluable for educators of all experience levels. A complement to The Reading Strategies Book 2.0, the interactive and enlarged charts are perfect for small-group, conferring, or whole-class lessons.

Using Jennifer Serravallo's research-aligned resources together, you'll be able to:

  • save valuable planning and preparation time
  • make demonstrations and explanations of strategies easier
  • provide students with visual anchors to reference as they practice their reading skills
Download Sample Charts

Correlation guides that align with state and national standards of learning

The resource that translates 700 studies into 300 practical strategies

Learning progressions that drive planning and progress monitoring

Strategies to support skills as readers work toward goals

Goal-based instruction that's ready for any curriculum

Save time on lesson planning with free teaching resources for your classroom

"Strategies belong in every literacy classroom: from preschool through high school . . . and beyond!"

- Jennifer Serravallo

Maximize the progress of readers and writers, and teach with confidence

Whether you're looking for powerful and engaging lessons for whole-class teaching, need to supplement your core curriculum with small-group instruction, want to improve the quality of content-area instruction, or need ideas for intervention, The Reading Strategies Book 2.0  will help you connect research to practice.

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