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El libro de estrategias de escritura

Guía completa para formar escritores hábiles

More than a translation, El libro de estrategias de escritura takes Jennifer Serravallo's Writing Strategies Book and turns it into a complete resource for writing instruction in Spanish. with 300+ strategies, including some specially created just for Spanish-language development, it's an ideal resource for dual-language or bilingual classroom teachers as well as for use with individual students.


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Full Description

"Spanish-language educators tell me that they too often spend precious time translating English-only material so that it can work with their students. My Facebook and Twitter messages and my email inbox are all filled with educators who are asking for the same thing: A Spanish edition of The Writing Strategies Book. I'm so glad it's finally here!"
—Jennifer Serravallo  

Teachers love Jennifer Serravallo’s Writing Strategies Book because it breaks down the complex processes of writing and instruction into manageable chunks. Now with El libro de estrategias de escritura she brings 300+ strategies to students in Spanish.

El libro de estrategias de escritura offers children clear and accessible strategies for improving their literacy skills in Spanish whether they are native Spanish speakers or learning Spanish as a second language. It can also serve as a bridge to English instruction that supports literacy growth in a child’s home language. You’ll discover:

  • 300+ strategies
  • new strategies specific to Spanish language arts
  • meticulous translation and adaptation into Latin American Spanish
  • authentic student work
  • new suggestions for mentor texts relevant to Latino/a readers
  • all new classroom visuals.

This rich resource for goal-directed, strategy-based instruction is ideal for many kinds of instructional contexts, including:

  • dual-language/two-way classrooms
  • bilingual immersion classrooms
  • transitional bilingual programs
  • schools with high populations of emergent bilingual students in mainstream classrooms.

Much more than a Spanish edition, El libro de estrategias de escritura is a key that can unlock barriers to progress in writing.


  • Writing workshop
  • 6+1 Traits
  • Daily 5's "Work on Writing"
  • Scripted Writing Programs
  • Writing exercises in basal readers


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