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Flip Your Writing Workshop

A Blended Learning Approach

A solution for finding more one-on-one teaching time during writing workshop.


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Full Description

How many times during writing workshop have you thought, “If only I could clone myself!”  Dana and Sonja have a solution for finding more one-on-one teaching time during your writing workshop:  flipped learning.  Imagine students having access to instruction and support when they need it as often as they need it. While definitely not a replacement for you, the teacher, flipped learning allows students to:

• access a variety of minilessons on their own
• work at their own pace to study the minilesson
• move ahead or review concepts, depending on individual needs.

Meanwhile, you’ll have more time to maximize individual instruction and conferring.  Dana and Sonja walk you through the “how’s” and “why’s” of flipped learning, and provide guidance for determining which minilessons should be “flipped.” They’ll illustrate what flipped learning in a writing workshop looks like by modeling a flipped lesson, and explaining the technology used.  Whether you’re a novice or advanced technology user, you’ll find tech tips throughout the book that help you choose the right tools and resources for creating flipped lessons and incorporating them into your workshop. 
Discover how a blended approach using flipped learning can increase efficiency in your writing workshop, while fostering independent learning and student engagement at the same time.

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