Comprehension Going Forward by Ellin Oliver Keene, Susan Zimmermann,
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Comprehension Going Forward
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Comprehension Going Forward

Where We Are and What's Next

Ellin Keene, Stephanie Harvey, Tanny McGregor, Harvey “Smokey” Daniels, and a dozen others present the ultimate PD experience: a conversation about where comprehension instruction and how we can give every student an “All-Access Pass” to literacy

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"The real genius of this book is that it is written by teachers, for teachers. All of the authors in this book know what classrooms are like. This means that authenticity and integrity pervade every chapter in the book. Teachers will immediately sense this authenticity on their way to realizing that the book offers an endless supply of useful suggestions."
—From the Coda by P. David Pearson

For those of us who teach comprehension strategies, Comprehension Going Forward is as near to the ultimate PD experience as we can get. Imagine a professional learning community where you could sit in as…

  • Ellin Keene and Debbie Miller swap best practices
  • Stephanie Harvey and Harvey “Smokey” Daniels compare instruction across the grades
  • Anne Goudvis and Tanny McGregor share ways to infuse comprehension into every subject area
  • Cris Tovani and Nancy Commins apply the strategies to help struggling readers, English learners, and special-needs students.

In Comprehension Going Forward, you’ll meet up with 17 leading practitioners and researchers for an energetic, personal, and frequently irreverent conversation on what great comprehension instruction looks like, what an amazing range of applications it has for all students, and what we can do better. Not only do figures such as Susan Zimmerman and P. David Pearson include their own chapters, but, like any exciting conversation, they point out their favorite parts of one another’s chapters—highlighting discussion topics for teacher study groups along the way.

Read Comprehension Going Forward and RSVP to a get-together that no one who teaches reading will want to miss. Enter this powerful, lively conversation about how we can improve all readers’ comprehension today and join some of your favorite authors as they reach for a tomorrow where every child reads with deep understanding.

“Each author takes the comprehension strategies as a starting point, and then reaches out toward a different set of applications, extensions, and practices. But everyone is connected by the research base on comprehension instruction and by our common goal:  to provide every child in America with an “All-Access Pass” to literacy.”
—From the editor’s introduction by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels



  1. Harvey “Smokey” Daniels, Welcome and Introduction
  2. Ellin Oliver Keene, Comprehension Instruction Grows Up
  3. Susan Zimmermann, Bring the Joy Back to Reading
  4. Debbie Miller, Not So Gradual Release: Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades
  5. Samantha Bennett, Fulfilling the Promise of “All Students Can”: Comprehension Strategies as the Verbs of Learning Targets
  6. Leslie Blauman, Building a Better Book Club
  7. Chryse Hutchins, Thinking and Talking Our Way Through the Words
  8. Stephanie Harvey, Comprehension to What End?
  9. Anne Goudvis and Brad Buhrow, History Lessons
  10. Gina Cervetti, Comprehension in Science
  11. Marjorie Larner, What High School Students Remember About Strategy Instruction
  12. Cris Tovani, It’s Not Too Late to Be Smart: The Hope and How of Secondary Strategies Instruction
  13. Nancy Commins, Meaning is Everything: Comprehension Work with English Language Learners
  14. Anne Upczak Garcia, Comprehension Strategy Instruction for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
  15. Tanny McGregor, Thinking Through the Day
  16. P. David Pearson, Toward the Next Generation of Comprehension Instruction: A Coda


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"Right from Harvey Daniels' Welcome and Introduction, I was hooked..." Read the rest of Mrs. V.'s review here.

It can be read in its entirety or in small chunks making it an ideal book for study groups or collegial circles interested in satiating their own thirst for deeper thinking about comprehension.”
Kim Yaris, reviewed at

"When I first decided to read this book, my initial goal was to find a possible resource that could be used as a selection for a professional book club. What I discovered through reading this wonderful resource is that it is a must read for all educational professionals wanting to provide a balanced and cross0curricular approach to comprehension instruction."
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

"Reading this book is like having a conversation with old friends. It is as if, over a cup of tea, they are sharing their most inner thoughts with us—thoughts that will stay with us as we move forward in our practice."
Illinois Reading Council Journal

"This book is a must read for all teachers. Not only did I devour the book, but there are article titles in the back of the book that are recommended by the authors. I was so motivated after reading that I researched those as well. The book is a good balance of educational research and lesson ideas! This is a book that you will want to read with post it notes and pencil in hand. You will be going back to it for future reference."
maysea, 7/8/11


"I would like to thank the person who put this idea into action. What a great way to get a multitude of ideas swimming around in my head. I can't put the book down. I have even shown my students that the authors leave "tracks of their thinking" in the margins. The entire book is a lesson in itself. I carry it everywhere and have even started reading it for the second time to make sure I didn't miss anything. If you have been teaching reading strategies for a few years and have begun to wonder what next. READ THIS BOOK!!! It is what's next."
DendaC, 3/29/11

"This book has helped me consider ways to take my reading instruction to the next level. The pages are covered in text graffiti, and I can't wait to have professional conversations with my colleagues. This is a must read for all educators!"
Tenille Shade, 3/27/2011

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