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The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit

A Guide for Staff Development

This Toolkit contains 20 two-hour sessions that provide clear instructions, including agendas, facilitator notes and tips, and other helpful resources covering the key topics of Fostering Geometric Thinking: geometric properties, transformations, and measurement.

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Paperback + DVD + Guide/Binder

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Full Description
Here’s everything you need for powerful professional development in one place: The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit.
Based on the popular Fostering Geometric Thinking, the Toolkit’s 20 two-hour sessions provide a year’s worth of math PD for middle and secondary teachers. Its facilitator- and participant-friendly sessions cover the key topics of Fostering Geometric Thinking: geometric properties, transformations, and measurement.
With The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit, you’ll lead teachers through hands-on opportunities to:
  • develop new understandings of middle and secondary students’ geometric thinking through a field-tested geometric habits-of-mind framework
  • broaden and express their own geometric thinking by solving rich problems
  • observe students’ thinking and problem solving through in-the-classroom footage
  • practice analyzing student work
  • apply all they’ve learned in the sessions to engage students’ thinking more effectively.
The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit fully supports you. Its facilitator materials provide clear instructions and include agendas, facilitator notes and tips, and other helpful resources. Its accompanying DVD goes above and beyond with an array of essential tools, including:
  • numerous video clips for use in the sessions
  • PowerPoint® slideshows that summarize existing research on students’ geometric thinking
  • printer-ready participant handouts
  • geometry applets for use by both participants and their students.
Use The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit and help your participants discover powerful ways to lead students to a new understanding of geometry.

Additional Resource Information

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I. Orientation to the Materials



How The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit Works to Approach Goals

The Structured Exploration Process

The Geometric Habits of Mind

Links to Classroom Content

Three Strands

Mathematics Problems for Classroom Use

II. Facilitation Guidelines

Using the Toolkit Materials to Facilitate

Leading Discussions of Mathematics

Advising Teachers on Collecting Student Work

Leading Discussions of Student Work

Managing Group Processes and Group Dynamics

Facilitation – Examples from Toolkit Groups

III. Organizing Your Group

What You Need

Start-Up Materials

Letter to Administrators

Letter to Prospective Participants

Meeting Calendar

Student Work Release Form

Video Release Form

Attendance Form