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Lessons from a Child

Lessons from a Child

By Lucy Calkins

A story of one child's growth in writing, Lessons from a Child explains how teachers can work with children, helping them to teach themselves and each other. Matters of classroom management, methods for helping children to use the peer conference, and ways mini-lessons can extend children's understanding of good writing are all covered here. Most important, the sequences of writing development and growth are thoroughly discussed.

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I A writing workshop begins
1. A research project, a classroom, a child
2. Re-Vision
3. A partnership forms
4. Topics which tap the energy to write
5. The structure of a writing workshop
6. Editing: last but not least
7. The teacher's role

II One child's growth in writing
8. First lessons
9. Revision?
10. From writer to reader: Susie develops an executive function
11. Sequences in Susie's writing development
12. The life-story of one text
13. Between the lines: Susie's process becomes internalized
14.Longer stories and bigger revisions

III The writing classroom: a context for growth
When teachers collaborate: new ideas
16. Twenty six teachers in this classroom
17. Peer conferences thread through the writing process
18. Teaching children to teach each ohter
19. Teaching by example
20. When children conference with themselves
21. Concept development
22. Reading-writing connections
23. Reading, writing and a glacier report
24. Lessons from children

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