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One to One

The Art of Conferring with Young Writers

Lucy Calkins, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Columbia University, Amanda Hartman, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Columbia University, Zoe Ryder White

ISBN 978-0-325-00788-5 / 0-325-00788-8 / 2005 / 232pp / Paperback
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: K - 3rd
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In an effective writing workshop, young children grow in leaps and bounds, and within just a few months, the changes in their written products can dazzle you. And after 30 years of studying her students' growth in the writing workshop, Lucy Calkins knows one of the most powerful ways to support good writers: clear, purposeful writing conferences.

In One to One Calkins and her colleagues Amanda Hartman and Zoƫ White show you the practices and principles that create effective conferences. They dispel the myth that master teachers have a magic touch and show you that effective teachers do not reinvent the conference with each student, but rather use predictable, principled interactions that follow a few simple frameworks. In One to One, you will learn:

  • repeatable conferring frameworks that are the foundation of effective conferring
  • specific teaching methods that you can match to your students' needs
  • strategies for tailoring conferences to English language learners
  • ways to use conferring across the content areas
  • on-the-run record-keeping systems that are efficient, powerful teaching tools.

Good conferring, like good teaching, relies on your ability to communicate effectively with children, and the skills you develop as you learn to confer will improve your teaching abilities in all areas, including developing curriculum, leading strong minilessons, and untangling the classroom chaos that can derail a smoothly running workshop. Read One to One to improve your conferences and your teaching. But most important, read it to improve your students' writing every day.

Understanding Conferring

  • The Essentials of Conferring with Young Writers
  • The Management That Makes Conferring Possible
  • Creating and Using an Efficient Record-Keeping System
  • The Research Phase
  • The Decision Phase
  • The Teaching Point and the Link to Independent Work
  • Supporting Reading Development Through Conferring in Writing
  • Writing Conferences in Early Kindergarten
  • Conferring with Young Artists, Mathematicians, and Scientists
  • Conferring with English Language Learners
  • Strengthening Your Ability to Confer

II. Conference Transcripts Units

  • Launching the Writing Workshop Conferences
  • Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writing Conferences
  • Writing for Readers: Teaching Skills and Strategies Conferences
  • The Craft of Revision Conferences
  • Authors as Mentors Conferences
  • Nonfiction Writing: Procedures and Reports Conferences
  • Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages Conferences

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