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Trauma-Responsive Pedagogy
Teaching for Healing and Transformation

As trauma and adversity become increasingly common, teachers and educators need the tools to support their students through these challenges. Trauma-Responsive Pedagogy is an actionable guide that offers research and inclusive frameworks to help you create a trauma-responsive classroom.

Centered on the whole child, this resource promotes healing and wellness for both students and educators. Turn wounds into wisdom and create a safe, supportive space for learning with Trauma-Responsive Pedagogy.

Literacy Moves Outdoors
Learning Approaches for Any Environment
Literacy Moves Outdoors provides the rationale, resources, and information to help you get started, all organized to help maximize learning and connect what you do outside to what you teach inside. Explore and adopt practices that engage students, meet their interests and needs, and give them the tools to communicate and discover themselves and the world around them.
About Teaching Mathematics, Fourth Edition
A K-8 Resource
"About Teaching Mathematics is the most important resource in my teaching library."

In the fourth edition of her signature resource, Marilyn Burns presents her current thinking and insights and includes ideas from her most recent teaching experiences. This book addresses how to plan instruction around problem-solving lessons, focuses on arithmetic as the cornerstone of elementary mathematics, and features Marilyn's responses to pedagogical questions she's received from teachers over the years.
The First Five
A Love Letter to Teachers
In The First Five, Patrick brings to light the realities of teaching, especially in the first five years. He immerses you in his world with personal stories that lead to lessons, questions, and exercises to help you reflect on your own journey. Each chapter includes interviews with a diverse group of educators.
The Joy of Reading
The Joy of Reading is a guide for teachers, librarians, administrators, and families to create the conditions for joyful reading. Donalyn Miller and Teri Lesesne draw from their decades of work with students, teachers, and librarians, providing practices that nurture joy while identifying factors that destroy joy, all with a clear understanding of the realities of today’s classrooms and libraries.
Tuned-In Teaching
Centering Youth Culture for an Active and Just Classroom

In Tuned-In Teaching, Antero Garcia and Ernest Morrell offer a road map for creating a classroom that is transformative for your students and revitalizing for you.

They explain why students play an integral role in turning classrooms into spaces for greater engagement and innovation. The authors examine critical research and discuss the connection to specific aspects of teaching. They also offer six important considerations for teachers who want to build more active, just, and tuned-in learning environments.

Leading for Literacy
What Every School Leader Needs to Know
Leading for Literacy: What Every School Leader Needs to Know is an inspiring and practical resource for all school leaders—teacher leaders, literacy coaches, school administrators, and district-level leaders. Filled with useful “look-for” tools for observing literacy teaching and reflecting upon the culture and systems of your school, Leading for Literacy helps school leaders understand key principles of effective literacy teaching and create equitable communities of learning for all students.
Learning from Loss
A Trauma-Informed Approach to Supporting Grieving Students
Learning from Loss is your guide to getting started with grief work, providing a path that can help you determine the best course of action in the wake of a loss that impacts a student or school community. You will find research, stories, strategies, activities, and reflection questions that offer a map with which to navigate grief-responsive classroom practices.
Textured Teaching
A Framework for Culturally Sustaining Practices
With Culturally Sustaining Practice as its foundation, Textured Teaching shares lesson design strategies that build traditional literacy skills while supporting students in developing their social justice skills at the same time.
Start Here, Start Now
A Guide to Antibias and Antiracist Work in Your School Community
Start Here, Start Now addresses many of the questions and challenges educators have about getting started with antibias and antiracist work, using a framework for tackling perceived barriers from a proactive stance. Liz answers the questions with personal stories, sample lessons, anchor charts, resources, conversation starters, extensive teacher and activist accounts, and more.
Technology with Intention
Designing Meaningful Literacy and Technology Integration
While there are books that show you how to include tech, Technology with Intention also addresses how to decide whether to use tech at all. Intentional is the key word for integrating technology into instruction, and you will find helpful guidelines and prompts to help you decide when, how, and why to use technology with your students.
Leading Literate Lives
Habits and Mindsets for Reimagining Classroom Practice
In Leading Literate Lives, Stephanie outlines a framework for reading and writing that makes a direct connection between reflection and classroom practice. In each chapter you will find concrete ideas, tools, and activities for reading and writing to help move you from teacher reflection to instruction. For every specific reflection Stephanie will show you how to put the same idea into practice in your classroom.
Regie Routman in Residence: Transforming Our Teaching through Reading/Writing Connections -- Professional Development Notebook (single copy)
This PD Notebook correlates to the sessions of the Reading Writing Connections program. It includes session agendas, essential professional readings, point-by-point analysis of the video sessions, and room for notes.
Risk. Fail. Rise.
A Teacher’s Guide to Learning from Mistakes
Mistakes are part of learning. Every educator knows this. But what happens before and after a mistake that facilitates that learning is rarely explored practically. In Risk. Fail. Rise. teachers will learn how  to address their own teaching mistakes, model with their own mistake-making, and improve their responses to others’ mistakes.
No More Random Acts of Literacy Coaching
Improving teacher-coach collaboration with intentional, carefully planned coaching cycles.
Social Justice Talk
Strategies for Teaching Critical Awareness
In Social Justice Talk, Chris Hass, along with his colleagues Nozsa Tinsley, and Tiffany Palmatier, detail how to facilitate rich discussions that disrupt the harmful social beliefs and practices we and our students are immersed in every day. Each chapter is filled with vignettes, transcripts, and video clips from real classrooms and families that offer realistic expectations and models of what we can expect and hope for when we take on this work.
The Joyful Teacher
Strategies for Becoming the Teacher Every Student Deserves
The Joyful Teacher provides a structure to help K–12 teachers across all content areas reflect on their professional development needs, set goals that work, and access practical strategies that will help them meet those goals. You can take charge of your teacher growth and craft your own professional learning journey!
An English Teacher’s Guide to More Meaningful Grading
How a single teacher can “go gradeless” in ways that lead students to becoming better readers, writers, and thinkers.
Phenomenal Teaching
A Guide for Reflection and Growth

Phenomenal Teaching is a professional development workshop in a book. The text charts a pathway for teachers to cultivate agency and foster understanding for every learner. It provides research, classroom examples, planning tools, and opportunities to use your background knowledge and talk back to the text. This book is interactive and intentionally designed with lots of open space to be your personal thought playground as you navigate this journey. Graphic organizers invite you to think and plan, and each chapter closes with an invitation for reflection.


No More Teaching Without Positive Relationships
Teachers know the importance of strong relationships with their students, but sometimes connecting with them feels challenging. No More Teaching Without Positive Relationships reviews the teacher-student relationship research and provides practices for building relationships that make a difference.
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