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Regie Routman in Residence: Transforming our Teaching Through Reading Writing Connections (online only version)

Transforming Our Teaching Through Reading/Writing Connections is one of three offerings in the Regie Routman in Residence: Transforming Our Teaching series. For overviews of the projects, including samples of video and sessions, please visit the website!


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The Regie Routman Series

Full Description

Regie Routman's Transforming our Teaching series is designed to be help principals, coaches, and teachers replicate and apply the instructional moves, thinking, language, and ongoing assessment that lead to increased and sustainable achievement and enjoyment, across the curriculum.

Reading/Writing Connections, one of three programs in the series, includes more than a full year of professional development sessions–14 in all–that works with and augments any existing curriculum and resources. Each session includes a detailed agenda for facilitators and extensive video (typically 30 minutes per session) of Regie teaching in diverse, authentic classroom settings. In each video, Regie provides insightful voice-over observations and analysis. Teachers report that watching and discussing the videos gives them the practical knowledge and specifics of effective literacy teaching that makes application to daily teaching possible and likely.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Use reading to enhance writing and writing to enhance reading
  • Set up high-quality classroom libraries
  • Use authentic, relevant texts in the classroom, such as children's literary and informational texts, poetry, and book reviews
  • Use shared writing to encourage and honor all students’ voices and to create authentic text for writing and reading
  • Embed word work into daily reading and writing
  • Reach and teach struggling learners
  • Align best practices with the Common Core State Standards

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This online-only version of the program includes:

  • A 25-person site license for unlimited lifetime access to the Reading to Understand program resources on the Regie Routman in Residence website (password-protected)
  • More than 50 videos of Regie demonstrating her teaching techniques, complete with voice-over analysis (Windows, Mac, and iPad-compatible)
  • Complete downloadable session materials for facilitators and teachers
  • Hundreds of downloadable readings, student work samples, and handouts for participants

The online version does not include Professional Development Notebooks. The Professional Development Notebooks, which provide essential professional reading and point-by-point analysis of the video sessions, can be purchased separately. Users of the online version of Reading/Writing Connections are also encouraged to purchase one copy per person (or one copy for every two teachers) of Regie's Teaching Essentials, Writing Essentials, and Reading Essentials.

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