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Drama Worlds
A Framework for Process Drama
Cecily O'Neill
Grade: K-12th
Pub Date: 5/1/1995

    Drama Worlds by Cecily O'Neill will be a book for the 90s and beyond. . . . It will promote considerable direction for educators, press their thinking forward, and constitute an invaluable resource in the advocacy for process drama.

    —NADIE Journal

Drama Worlds examines the complex improvised event called process drama and identifies it... more

Drama and Diversity
A Pluralistic Perspective for Educational Drama
Sharon Grady
Grade: 6th-12th
Pub Date: 9/6/2000

    This text is an important addition to the literature of drama with young people because it is so thoughtfully written, so much in harmony with contemporary thought and practice in education.
    —Johnny Saldaña
Now more than ever, there is a need to understand and respect diversity in our classrooms—especially in our drama and theatre work where... more
Drama of Color
Improvisation with Multiethnic Folklore
Johnny Saldana
Grade: K-5th
Pub Date: 7/17/1995

    [This is} a clearly written and easy-to-use volume.
    —MultiCultural Review

Drama of Color is a book for teachers who wish to use folk literature and informal classroom drama to promote multiethnic awareness among elementary students. Salda-a presents twenty folk tales drawn from the oral traditions of Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians and... more

Learning to Teach Drama
A Case Narrative Approach
Laura A. McCammonCarole MillerJoe Norris
Grade: K-12th
Pub Date: 5/9/2000

This is a book for new teachers about putting drama education theory into practice and preparing for the contextual variables that lie ahead. It is the next-best thing to actual classroom experience, enabling readers to think through "What do I do if . . .?" scenarios and experience vicariously a broad range of teaching situations.

While there are many examples... more

Teaching Drama to Young Children
Mem Fox
Grade: K-5th
Pub Date: 1/1/1990

Children learn to read by reading and learn to write by writing. They learn to talk by talking. Most teachers are well aware that they ought to incorporate all four elements of language in their curricula: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. But it is reading and writing that they concentrate on. Listening and speaking are more difficult to structure. Drama can provide... more

Drama and the Adolescent Journey
Warm-ups and Activities to Address Teen Issues
Linda NelsonLanell Finneran
Grade: 7th-12th
Pub Date: 3/22/2006

Adolescence is a tough time for secondary students as well as for you, their teachers and support professionals. Being no longer a child, but not quite an adult, teens need a safe, enjoyable outlet that engages them and gives them a chance to talk about their feelings. Drama can be that outlet, and in Drama and the Adolescent Journey, you'll find ways to use dramatic... more

Acting in Classroom Drama
A Critical Analysis
Gavin Bolton
Grade: K-12th
Pub Date: 10/1/1999

    ...relevant for every teacher who is serious about using drama in the classroom.
    —Brian Edmiston

Classroom drama is now a widespread component of the language arts, either on its own or in support of cross-curricular goals. Yet there has not been an overall analysis of theory, practice, and assessment until the publication of this book by... more

Process Drama and Multiple Literacies
Addressing Social, Cultural, and Ethical Issues
Jenifer Jasinski SchneiderThomas P CrumplerTheresa Rogers
Grade: K-6th
Pub Date: 2/3/2006

    These profoundly courageous teachers and researchers will be an inspiration to others . . . . They work to offer opportunities for their students to grow as competent and complete individuals accepting responsibility for the society in which they live.
    —Cecily O'Neill
Students are often asked to imagine themselves into the shoes of another person—an... more
Into the Story
Language in Action Through Drama
Carole MillerJuliana M Saxton
Grade: K-6th
Pub Date: 2/11/2004

After years of research and teaching, Carole Miller and Juliana Saxton know one of the most engaging and effective tools to draw students into language, comprehension, and inquiry—and that's drama. Into the Story is a highly practical resource for language arts and literacy development based on "story drama structures" that have been piloted in elementary... more

Dorothy Heathcote
Drama as a Learning Medium
Betty J Wagner
Grade: K-12th
Pub Date: 6/1/1999

    This book profoundly altered my own teaching and gave me a glimpse of what it is possible to achieve through drama. Heathcote's approach to drama has inspired teachers in every classroom where active and authentic learning is valued. I am confident that this fascinating picture of a remarkable educator at work will continue to motivate and challenge new generations of
... more
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