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The Literacy Teacher's Playbook, Grades K-2 (Print eBook Bundle)

Four Steps for Turning Assessment Data into Goal-Directed Instruction

This workshop-in-a-book shares a powerful four-step protocol for formative assessment. From a kindergartener’s loops and pictures to a second grader’s reading log, Jen details how to understand them and plan teachign that meets everyone’s literacy needs—and the standards.

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“Instead of glancing quickly and drawing a single conclusion, we can lean in and look with the same spirit of curiosity and interest that our youngest students have taught us to have.”
—Jennifer Serravallo

“I wanted to write a book that helps you really see your students,” writes Jennifer Serravallo. From a kindergartner’s loops and pictures to a second grader’s reading log, her Literacy Teacher’s Playbook details exactly how she comes to understand them deeply and meet everyone’s literacy needs—and the standards.

“My I-wish-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now experiences are the main inspiration for this book,” writes Jen. So her workshop-in-a-book shares a powerful approach to assessment, planning, and teaching. Go beyond curriculum to develop differentiated reading and writing goals then plan targeted instruction with her four-step assessment protocol:

  • collect data—student work and everyday assessments—that will be the most useful to you
  • analyze the data to understand deeply what kids know and can do
  • synthesize data from multiple assessments to create learning goals
  • develop instructional plans and follow-ups to monitor progress.

“What you can pull out of a child’s messy seat pocket is data.” So Jen provides downloadable assessment packets from real children representing two puzzling types of young learners. Spread Marelle's packet out and let Jen model how she analyzes little kids’ work. Next try a guided practice with Emre's work. Then you'll be ready to try it with your own students.

“My goal,” writes Jen, “is to help you understand your students with the depth that allows you to tweak your units and ensure you’re giving every student opportunities for success.” Follow the play tens of thousands of teachers have succeeded with: trust Jen Serravallo and feel the confidence that comes from making winning instructional decisions based on powerful assessments.

Preview a sample chapter from the Literacy Teacher's Playbook, K-2.

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