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Literacy Coaching (eBook)

Transforming Teaching and Learning with Digital Tools and Technology

In Literacy Coaching, Stephanie Affinito offers concrete steps to enhance coaching with both digital and non-digital tools to transform teacher and student learning.


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Full Description

What does it mean to be an effective literacy coach? Former teacher and veteran literacy coach Stephanie Affinito shares a core set of beliefs about literacy coaching and how it can transform teacher and student learning. While chart paper, sticky notes, and notebooks will always be essential teaching tools, Stephanie shows that by thoughtfully incorporating digital tools into your coaching, you can personalize teacher learning even more and provide greater options to increase motivation and collaboration.

In Literacy Coaching, she explores the ways coaches and teachers can incorporate technology to: 

  • cultivate and innovate teacher learning communities
  • redesign professional development
  • collaborate to impact and elevate student learning
  • find inspiration for their continued journey.

Technology is changing the way we work, learn, and play. It has the ability to expand what is possible for teachers and students. Stephanie offers concrete steps to enhance coaching with both digital and non-digital tools. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen teaching practice and elevate the level of literacy instruction in classrooms and schools.

Literacy Coaching is not just about coaching with technology; it’s about making teacher learning more meaningful, relevant, and student-centered. Match teachers with the right tools to help bring teaching ideas and goals to life.

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