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From Possibility to Success (eBook)

Achieving Positive Student Outcomes in Inclusive Classrooms

By Patrick Schwarz
Foreword by Harvey "Smokey" Daniels

From Possibility to Success empowers educators to combine the science and art of teaching all learners by providing powerful tools, templates, forms, and guidelines to make inclusive education work.


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“It’s easy to feel hopeless in the face of statistics indicating that students with disabilities have fewer educational successes and greater quality-of-life issues than their classmates without disabilities.  Yet every week I meet students, teachers, and families who transcend these statistics and are making exciting educational progress, from disability to possibility.  This book takes this concept a step further, from possibility to success!”
—Patrick Schwarz

In From Disability to Possibility, Patrick Schwarz made a passionate and compelling argument for the inclusive classroom.  From Possibility to Success takes Patrick’s case to the next level by providing teachers with powerful new tools to make inclusive education work, along with guidelines for incorporating them into classroom practice.

With the goal of building lifelong skills, Patrick offers templates and authentic forms that help you plan lessons and units while at the same time embracing students’ interests and passions, working toward students’ dreams, promoting leadership, self-advocacy, self-determination, and membership in both school and the community.  With an explicit overview of each tool, a rationale for using them, and compelling stories of how they have helped real students in real classrooms, Patrick empowers educators to combine the science and art of teaching all learners.  Try them out and discover hope, direction, and inspiration to turn possibility into success.

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Ch. 1: Building the Foundation:  Meet All Students' Needs Through Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and Individualized Accommodations
Ch. 2: Promote the Passion
Ch. 3: Think Big to Get Big
Ch. 4: Support the Big Decision
Ch. 5: Empower STudents as Members of Their Planning Teams
Ch. 6: Work Successfully with All
Ch. 7: Keep It Real Through Supportive Instructional Thinking
Ch. 8: Promote and Develop Membership in the School and Wider Communities
Ch. 9: Destroy Prejudice and Promote Diversity Education and Experience
Ch. 10: Bring It All Together:  Successful Inclusive Schooling Leads to Successful Educational Outcomes


Companion Resources

pdf | word  Differentiated Instruction/Universal Design for Learning | Lesson/Unit Plan Template
pdf | word  Interests/Favorites Inventory
pdf | word  Student Dream Inventory
pdf | word  Teacher/Family/Counselor Talking Points for Identifying Student Dreams
pdf | word  Promoting Student Leadership, Self-Advocacy, Decision Making, and Self-Determination
pdf | word  Effective Group-Work Options to Achieve a Collaborative and Cooperative Classroom Community
pdf | word  Supporting Student Needs Within the Classroom Community
pdf | word  Developing Student Presence in the School and Wider Communities
pdf | word  Unit on Understanding and Embracing Diversity
pdf | word  Student Priorities/Action Plan at a Glance