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English Language Learners Day by Day, K-6 (eBook)

By Christina M Celic
Foreword by Ofelia Garcia

Clear, informative, and authoritative, English Language Learners Day by Day, K-6 shows you what best practices look like on a day-to-day basis, starting day one, by drawing on a rich blend of research findings and classroom experiences.


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“Increasingly, the onus to educate language minority children is not just on specialized teachers—bilingual teachers and ESL teachers—but also on all teachers. It is in this larger context of what to do inside any classroom to meaningfully educate the emergent bilingual students with varying proficiencies in English that this book becomes important.”

Ofelia García, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Christina Celic’s foundational guide provides an authentic and meaningful answer to the question, “How can I teach the grade-level curriculum in a way that makes my English language learners successful?” Clear, informative, and authoritative, English Language Learners Day by Day, K-6 shows you what best practices look like on a day-to-day basis, starting day one. The first chapters guide you through the process of:

  • setting up a classroom that supports English language learners in learning language and content
  • launching appropriate instruction and assessment during the first days of school
  • establishing schedules, routines, rules, and procedures sensitive to English language learners

Ensuing chapters help you understand how to:

  • integrate literacy and content-area instruction during the school year
  • teach academic language throughout the curriculum
  • differentiate instruction to meet the individual needs of English language learners

English Language Learners Day by Day, K-6 recognizes the challenges teachers face when working with English language learners, and responds with realistic and practical solutions. Drawing on a rich blend of research findings and classroom experiences, this bible on ELL instruction will help mainstream and preservice teachers, as well as ESL and bilingual specialists, better understand how they can make their classrooms a place where English language learners thrive. 

“My hope is that this book provides you with a practical foundation for addressing your own English language learners’ academic and linguistic needs, transforming your classroom into a place where they’re successful, motivated, and confident in their abilities.”

Christina M. Celic


Preparations for Instruction

1. Setting Up a Classroom for English Language Learners

Examining Your Room Through the Eyes of an English Language Learner • Creating

a Layout • Establishing the Classroom Library • Organizing Collaborative

Work Areas • Making Effective Centers • Labeling the Classroom

2. Getting Ready to Teach English Language Learners from Day One

Using a Whole-Class Profile • Native Language • Country of Origin • English Proficiency

Level • Academic History in the L1 and L2 • Reading in the L1 and L2 •

Writing in the L1 and L2 • Math in the L1 and L2 • The Big Picture of the First

Week of School • Communicating with Families

3. Classroom Management with English Language Learners

Benefits of Classroom Management for ELLs • Setting Up a Daily Schedule • Literacy

Components in a Daily Schedule • Practicing Classroom Routines • Establishing

Class Rules • Developing a System for Accountability • Structuring Homework


Teaching English Language Learners

4. Integrating Literacy and Content-Area Instruction

Benefits of Integrated Instruction with ELLs • Planning the Big Picture for Yearlong

Integrated Instruction • Planning an Integrated Unit for ELLs • Example of an Integrated

Unit in Action

5. Teaching Academic Language Through the Curriculum

Developing Language Objectives • Modeling and Practicing Language Structures

• Teaching Content-Specific Vocabulary

6. Snapshots of Differentiated Instruction with English Language Learners

Keys to Success with ELLs • The Classroom Setting for the Snapshots of Instruction

• Read-Aloud • Shared Reading • Reading Workshop Minilesson • Reading

Conference • Guided Reading • Writing Workshop Minilesson • Writing Conferences

• Published Writing


A. Whole-Class Profiles

B. English Proficiency Levels Chart and Checklist

C. Family Survey

D. Conference Forms for ELLs

E. Planning an Integrated Unit

F. Developing Language Through Reading Comprehension Strategies

G. Using Graphic Organizers with ELLs

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"What I really like about English Language Learners Day by Dayis that it describes how to work with the English language learner across the curriculum. And the many, very clear, examples address exactly what I want the students to be able to do."

Laura Smolkin, Professor at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

Christina Celic’s English Language Learners Day by Day is an important book for all teachers working with ELLs. Many books present the research and theory on ELLs. However, Christina’s book is the first one we have seen that actually will help teachers implement research-based best practices day by day. Her book gives teachers specific ways to set up their classroom, plan and carry out their daily routines, and assess their students. Every chapter is packed with practical, theoretically sound suggestions for mainstream teachers with ELLs as well as for ESL and bilingual teachers.  

Yvonne S. Freeman and David E. Freeman,
University of Texas at Brownsville Texas Southmost College