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Good-bye Round Robin (eBook)

25 Effective Oral Reading Strategies, Updated Edition

By Michael F Opitz, Timothy Rasinski

Round robin and popcorn reading don’t work. Replace them with these 25 research-supported instructional strategeis for oral reading. Mike and Tim help you quickly match the strategies to readers, including struggling readers and English learners.


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Good-bye Round Robin offers numerous practical suggestions for engaging English language learners in meaningful oral-language activities, all connected to wonderful, recently-published books for students of different ages and reading abilities. Opitz’ book provides specific strategies teachers can use to help their ELLs develop both oral and written English proficiency. This book is an excellent resource for any teacher, but it is an especially useful resource for teachers of English language learners.
Yvonne and David Freeman
Authors of Essential Linguistics and Teaching Reading in Multilingual Classrooms
Oral reading can increase the comprehension, fluency, and strategic thinking of every reader—if you have the right strategies. Good-bye Round Robin, Updated Edition, gives you the 25 best ways to turn oral reading into one of your most effective literacy tools.
Good-bye Round Robin, Updated Edition, makes it easy to work the right amount and the right types of oral reading into your teaching. Michael Opitz and Timothy Rasinski present proven oral-reading strategies, every one of which fits easily into your existing literacy block routines.
And this Updated Edition goes further than ever to help you get the most from every oral-reading opportunity. It’s newly designed to help you match readers to instruction more quickly and confidently. Opitz and Rasinski have revised and expanded their booklists to include over 300 new children’s literature titles, enabling you to choose the best book for your lessons and your readers. What’s more they offer classroom-tested ways to use oral reading to support struggling readers and English learners at all stages of language acquisition.
Use Good-bye Round Robin, Updated Edition, and make the most of oral reading.



1. Understanding Reading

So What Is Reading, Anyhow? · Twelve Reasons for Using Oral Reading · Why Move Away from Round Robin Reading?

2. Developing Comprehension

Think-Aloud · Induced Imagery · Directed Listening Thinking Activity (DLTA) · Look for the Signals · Say It Like the Character · Rapid Retrieval of Information (RRI) · Read to Discover

3. Sharing and Performing

Revised Radio Reading · Shared Book Experience · Choral Reading · Mentor Reading · Readers Theatre · Read Around · Poetry Club

4. Helping Struggling Readers

Read-Aloud · Paired Reading · Recorded Texts · Listen to Children Read · Fluency Development Lesson

5. Guiding Assessment

How to Use Oral Reading to Assess Reading · The What, Why, and How of Oral Reading Assessment Strategies · Procedures for Administering Informal Oral Reading Assessments

6. Involving Parents

Four Ways to Communicate with Parents · Three Additional Ways to Connect Home and School · Concluding Thoughts

7. Answering Questions About Oral Reading



A. More Recommended Children’s Literature by Strategy

B. Recommended Websites by Strategy




See how one school used Mike Opitz’ Good-bye Round Robin, Updated Edition, to examine and revitalize oral-reading practices in their school.

This is a must have for each and every teacher out there. No student should be allowed to graduate and become certified in teaching without reading and responding to this book. N. Bookwalter, “Reading Specialist,” Carlisle, PA, 2/20/2006

Harris and Hodges (1995) define round-robin reading as "the outmoded practice of calling on students to read orally one after another." Allington (1984) goes on to note "...oral reading is a form of assessment or practice but often without a clearly developed, or delivered, instructional focus." Oral reading is important and the authors of this book share how to use oral reading in the most effective and efficient ways possible. This book provides effective oral reading strategies that teachers can use to best teach all children to read. The research-based information is well-organized and easy to read. For every oral reading strategy presented, the skills that each strategy helps children develop is given. In addition, for each oral reading strategy teaching suggestions, title suggestions, extensions, tips, and connections are listed. The "Involving Parents" chapter reviews ways that oral reading can be used at home and the "Guiding Assessment" chapter is devoted to oral reading as a tool for assessment and within that chapter one can find specific strategies and many reproducible forms. This book is a wonderful resource for teachers, tutors, and parents. Cathy S Byrne, South Elgin, IL, March 29, 2000

I love this book because it offers easy-to-implement fluency strategies. A teacher I work with calls it her "Fluency Bible" and keeps it next to the guided reading area in the classroom. I give this book away to every school that I work with and every workshop I conduct on Reading Fluency! Easy to read - practical - strategy & research-based - it's the best! Kimberly Tyson, Indianapolis, IN, November 2, 2006

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