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Reading Strategies 2.0 and Writing Strategies Book Paperback and Companion Chart Bundle

Get The Writing Strategies Book and The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 (Paperback) plus both Companion Charts flipbooks for one great price! 


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Full Description

The Reading Strategies Book made the New York Times Best Seller List by making it simpler to match students’ needs to high-quality instruction. Now, in The Writing Strategies Book, Jen Serravallo does the same, collecting 300 of the most effective strategies to share with writers, and grouping them beneath 10 crucial goals.

“You can think of the goals as the what, “writes Jen, “and the strategies as the how.” From composing with pictures all the way to conventions and beyond, you’ll have just-right teaching, just in time. With Jen’s help you’ll:

  • develop individual goals for every writer
  • give students step-by-step strategies for writing with skill and craft
  • coach writers using prompts aligned to a strategy
  • present mentor texts that support a genre and strategy
  • adjust instruction to meet individual needs with Jen’s Teaching Tips
  • demonstrate and explain a writing move with her Lesson Language
  • learn more with Hat Tips to the work of influential teacher–authors.

She even offers suggestions for stocking your writing center, planning units of study, celebrating student writing, and keeping records.

Whether you use Writing Workshop, 6+1 Traits, Daily 5’s “Work on Writing,” a scripted writing program, the writing exercises in your basal, or any other approach, you’ll discover a treasure chest of ways to work with whole classes, small groups, or individual writers.

“I am convinced that helping kids to articulate clear goals for their work,” writes Jen Serravallo, “and supporting them with strategies and feedback to accomplish those goals, makes a huge difference.” With The Writing Strategies Book you can make that kind of difference with your writers every day.

The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 is designed to be a trusted, research-aligned companion for any K–8 reading classroom—no matter your curriculum, subject area, or instructional approach. Connect crucial research to powerful practice, whether you need engaging lessons for whole-class teaching, support for small-group instruction, ideas for intervention, or ways to fill gaps in a core curriculum. The friendly design makes it easy to find strategies that meet every student where they are now.

Evidence-based, responsive instruction made easier. 

  • 100 new and 200 heavily revised strategies
  • 700+ references or links to research studies
  • Skill progressions for progress monitoring
  • 200 new student-facing charts
  • New strategies for advanced middle school readers
  • Recently published mentor texts used in lesson examples

Serravallo brings a practical and proven approach to helping teachers help kids develop as skilled readers. The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 is designed to work in every K–8 classroom, providing strategies and lesson plans for every type of reader.

The user-friendly design of The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 makes it easy to find strategies, prompts, and tips that meet every student where they are now. Save prep time and support readers’ progress toward skills mastery with classroom-ready features such as revised lesson language with updated mentor texts, teaching tips with advice for differentiation, and mostly new student-facing charts.

Whether you are looking for powerful and engaging lessons for whole-class teaching, need to supplement your core curriculum with small-group instruction, want to improve the quality of content-area instruction, or need ideas for intervention, The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 will help you connect research to practice.

This bundle also includes The Writing Strategies Book Companion Charts and The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 Companion Charts.

In these two tabletop flip charts, you’ll find the enlarged versions of every chart corresponding to the strategies in The Writing Strategies Book and The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 ready to use at your table for small groups or conferring, or you can slide a chart under a document camera and project it on SMART Board™ when teaching a whole-class lesson.