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Fountas & Pinnell Word Study System, Grade 4

Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary

By Irene Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell

Build a strong literacy foundation with lessons about how written language works with the Fountas & Pinnell Word Study System: Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary, Grade 4.


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Full Description

Word Study Lessons: Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary, Grade 4, provides 105 concise lessons driven by clear language principles from The Fountas & Pinnell Comprehensive Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study Guide. The lessons help students attend to, learn about, and efficiently use sounds, letters, and words out of text and as they read and write. Word Study Lessons, Grade 4 also includes features that enable you to plan and teach efficiently and systematically: 

  • Explicit lessons with materials appropriate for whole-group instruction (5–10 minutes) and for individual, partners, or small-group application (10–15 minutes)
  • Master Lesson Guide: Suggested Sequence for Phonics Lessons: a convenient chart for planning and extending learning across the year
  • Organization by six areas of learning—Letter-Sound Relationships, Spelling Patterns, High-Frequency Words, Word Meaning/Vocabulary, Word Structure, and Word-Solving Actionsƒ
  • Inquiry approach that encourages students to construct understandings and notice more about letters, sounds, and words
  • Guidance for assessing students’ learning
  • Ready Resources – Ready-to-use, pre-printed materials for Word Study Lessons. Ready Resources in Grade 4 includes items such as word lists, posters, categorized, general pocket-chart cards for tailoring lessons, lesson-specific pocket-chart cards, and blank, dry-erase pocket-chart cards. All Ready Resources items can be found in the Ready Resources shipper box.
  • Online Resources – A treasure-trove of printable materials including lesson-specific and general letter and word cards, sorting sheets, gameboards, the Master Lesson Guide: A Suggested Sequence for Phonics Lessons, a digital version of every material found in Ready Resources, and more! In Online Resources you will also find Getting Started and Unpacking videos, the Assessment Guide, and Gamemaker, an easy-to-use digital tool for quickly creating games.

Six of the nine areas of learning are represented in the lessons. As the lessons are implemented, teachers will not only learn more about children’s development of word-solving strategies but also gain invaluable insight into the English linguistic system. The goal is for teachers to feel confident in building their own sequence of explicit lessons that moves students systematically toward a flexible and powerful range of strategies. The minilessons within the system are designed so that as teachers use them, they will always consider the child.

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