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Joyful Writing in PreK

Create. Imagine. Learn.

By Irene Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell

Joyful Writing in PreK contains 125 lessons (100 writing minilessons + 25 interactive writing lessons) that spark creativity, imagination, and learning. Writing minilessons are brief, focused, explicit lessons that help children understand and expand on the characteristics of effective writing and nurture their ability to write with purpose, imagination and voice. Each minilesson engages children in inquiry that leads to the discovery of a general principle from The Literacy Continuum.


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Full Description

“Play has a critical role in supporting the child’s social, emotional, and intellectual development. It is the basic activity of early childhood and is essential for development and learning.” – Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

Foster joyful writing in prekindergarten with writing minilessons that spark creativity, imagination, and learning. Prekindergarten children are active and curious learners who discover their world through play. As they notice how print works in their world, children engage in literacy activities throughout the day that build a foundation for writing. They hear rich, engaging books read aloud, they develop oral language as they play and share stories with one another, and they approximate writing to communicate their messages. Each writing minilesson in Joyful Writing amplifies children’s natural curiosity, creating experiences that help children make discoveries about what they can do as emerging artists and writers. Children actively search for meaning, find patterns, talk about their understandings, create their own stories, draw, and engage in meaningful play as they engage in interactive, shared, and independent writing opportunities.

Through joyful writing children will—
DISCOVER their voices as they express their thinking through talking, drawing, and writing
LEARN as they practice early literacy concepts through play and literacy centers
EXPLORE as they engage in inquiry that leads to the important understanding of a simple principle in each minilesson
DEVELOP a love for literacy as they listen to books, talk, draw, and write
PL AY as they imagine, explore, and develop their identities as readers, writers, and artists.

With Joyful Writing, children will grow into young writers and become independent problem solvers who can work and play as members of a positive, caring learning community.

Joyful Writing in PreK contains 125 lessons (100 writing minilessons + 25 interactive writing lessons).


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