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Getting Started with Middle School Sentence Composing

A Student Worktext

By Donald Killgallon, Jenny Killgallon

Struggles with writing don’t have to last a lifetime. Not when Don and Jenny Killgallon's Getting Started with Middle School Sentence Composing is here to help. It's especially helpful to students who find language arts especially difficult or who are encountering the Sentence-Composing approach for the first time.


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Full Description

“Sentence composing provides acrobatic training in sentence dexterity… using literature as a writing school with a faculty of professional writers who virtually teach students to build better sentences.” - Don and Jenny Killgallon

Getting Started with Middle School Sentence Composing introduces the powerful Sentence-Composing approach at a perfect time — middle school — to deepen students’ skill in writing strong sentences. Using real sentences by authors as models, it provides practice with four tools that skilled writers use to add variety to their work:

  • Openers to vary sentence beginnings
  • Splits to vary sentence middles
  • Closers to vary sentence endings
  • Mixes to add details in two or three places.

Along the way, Don and Jenny Killgallon provide support for students, including:

  • Basic sentence structures – activities to understand subjects, predicates, and their roles in sentence building
  • Broken sentences – exercises to identify, avoid, and repair fragments
  • Vocabulary scaffolds – “quickshots” to include an immediate, clear definition in context for challenging words

The free, online teacher’s booklet is packed with information about Sentence-Composing and its relationship to grammar, an instructional framework, and connections to state and national standards.


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