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The Inside Guide to the Reading-Writing Classroom, Grades 3-6

Strategies for Extraordinary Teaching

By Leslie Blauman
Foreword by Stephanie Harvey

Leslie shares tried-and-true teaching practices, lessons, and classroom management ideas  with dozens of foundational model lessons and online resources that include lists of mentor texts, student writing samples, and templates of her reading/writing assessment tool.

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Full Description

“These are the tried and true lessons I return to year after year. The lessons that students said made a difference in their writing and that will bring power and beauty to your students’ writing and to your writing classroom.”

-Leslie Blauman

“What’s wrong with a little mentorship?” Leslie Blauman asks. Reap the benefits of her years as a Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC) teacher with 31 of her best kid-tested and approved lessons that lead to great student writing. Not only are these research-based writing lessons kids’ self-proclaimed favorites, they incorporate mentor texts, support the Common Core State Standards, and are research-based.

Four lesson clusters reflect Leslie’s core beliefs for teaching:

  • writing narratives, informative texts, and opinion pieces/arguments
  • a love of language, word play, vocabulary, and poetry
  • writing fictional narratives
  • writing research-based nonfiction.

Use these generative lessons as a springboard—giving them your personal stamp—and watch as they lead to great writing for authentic purposes and in testing situations. 

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