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Continuo de la lectoescritura, Expanded Edition PreK-8

By Irene Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell

Newly expanded to include grades PreK-8 and text levels A-Z!

With teacher information in English for the bilingual educator, Continuo de la lectoescritura is the essential tool to guide your assessment, activate responsive teaching, and support Spanish-speaking students’ language and literacy growth.

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Full Description

Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell bring their unrivaled expertise, encompassing more than twenty-five years of research and classroom observation of literacy development, to the timely expansion and completion of the Continuo de la lectoescritura, Grados PreK–8. More in-depth, more intuitive, and more essential than ever, Continuo de la lectoescritura is the essential tool for bilingual educators that will guide your assessment, activate responsive teaching, and support Spanish-speaking students’ language and literacy growth. 

Working in close collaboration with Eduardo Aparicio and a team of bilingual literacy experts, Fountas and Pinnell have expanded and completed the Continuo de la lectoescritura, Grados PreK–8 and text levels A–Z. In it, they combine everything they have learned about the development of readers, writers, and language users to create a comprehensive curriculum document as an assessment tool and as a guide for teaching. Now, with the flip of a page, you can quickly identify the literacy goals appropriate to each grade level, PreK–8, and each text level, A–Z, and determine the specific competencies Spanish-speaking students’ have achieved.

This must-have resource provides, in English, a vision of what Spanish-speaking students need to be able to do as competent readers, writers, and language users, and informs every aspect of your literacy teaching. Read Continuo de la lectoescritura, Grados PreK–8, keep it handy in your classroom, and use it to make effective teaching decisions as you bring bilingual students forward in their literacy journeys.

Harness the power of the Continuo de la lectoescritura, Grados PreK–8 to:

  • elevate your language and literacy expertise
  • develop an understanding of the demands of texts on readers
  • build your understanding of the reading and writing process and how it changes over time
  • hone your observation of students’ literacy behaviors
  • teach toward student integration of the Systems of Strategic Actions
  • articulate the literacy curriculum within and across grade levels
  • build professional learning opportunities with colleagues
  • create a common vision and common language for literacy in your school.
View Continuo de la lectoescritura, Totalmente en español.

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