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Making the Journey, Fourth Edition

Being and Becoming a Teacher of English Language Arts

By Leila Christenbury, Ken Lindblom

Though ever reflective of the current realities of teaching, and chock full of stories about students that will make you both laugh and cry, the Fourth Edition of Making the Journey remains a beacon of hope and optimism for all those brave enough to enter the greatest profession.

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Leila Christenbury’s Making the Journey has long been a beloved classic in English methods courses as well as with in-service English teachers whose dog-eared copies occupy a permanent place on their classroom desks. The Fourth Edition adds a fresh new voice from veteran English Education professor Ken Lindblom, whose expertise in writing instruction, teaching with technology, and teaching informational and nonfiction texts complements Leila’s love of  literature and vast knowledge and experience across the field. You’ll find brand new content on:

• CCSS and other college-and career-ready standards and assessments
• Genre studies, with special attention to informational nonfiction 
• Digital literacies and technologies for teaching
• Classroom management and communicating with parents, administrators, and colleagues
• Teaching ELLs and students with special needs.

Leila and Ken’s timeless advice, humorous anecdotes, and stories of successes and failures in the classroom infuse Making the Journey with life and light, and instill confidence in soon-to-be English teachers. Though ever reflective of the current realities of teaching, and chock full of stories about real students and their struggles and triumphs, the Fourth Edition remains a beacon of hope and optimism for all those willing to enter the greatest profession.

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Ch. 1: The Teacher, the Student, the School
Ch. 2: What It’s Like to Be a Teacher
Ch. 3: Planning for Your Teaching
Ch. 4: Those Whom We Teach
Ch. 5: The World of Literature: Teaching and Selecting
Ch. 6: Nonfiction and Informational Texts
Ch. 7: Words, Words, Words
Ch. 8: Writing, Revising, and Publishing
Ch. 9: The Craft of Questioning
Ch. 10: Teaching Today: Ethics, Social Justice, and the Challenges of the Times

In Depth

You are, right now, writing your own story of becoming a teacher, and one emphasis of this book, besides imparting technical and professional information, is to encourage you to look at yourself and your experiences. It is dangerous to generalize from yourself to each and every one of your students, yet it is also terribly shortsighted not to use your own insights and discoveries when you think about teaching and being and becoming a teacher. Being self-conscious and self-aware can be a powerful tool as you begin this great adventure. Our belief in that power is the major reason we start this book with our own stories—some of which are less than flattering—of how we became teachers.

Throughout this book we will tell more of our stories and let some of our students— who, like you, are embarking on their first years as English language arts teachers—tell theirs. Their words, coming as they do from the journal entries and papers of “experts” at this being and becoming, may help you puzzle out some of the great issues facing middle and secondary language arts teachers.

Finally, this book outlines existing research and knowledge about classrooms and students and teachers, patterns and techniques and concepts.