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Comprehension and Collaboration, Revised Edition

Inquiry Circles for Curiosity, Engagement, and Understanding

By Stephanie Harvey, Harvey "Smokey" Daniels

Meet the standards. Celebrate kids’ curiosity and questions. Cover the curriculum. Reach and include everyone. Grow resourceful, engaged citizens. Seriously? Steph and Smokey are your guides to small-group inquiry projects that seriously can.

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  • Meet the standards.
  • Celebrate kids’ curiosity and questions.
  • Cover the curriculum.
  • Reach and include everyone.
  • Grow resourceful, engaged citizens.
  • Seriously?
With inquiry circles, you seriously can—and Stephanie Harvey and Smokey Daniels can’t wait to show you how.

“Educators around the country,” Steph and Smokey write, “are discovering that inquiry is the secret opportunity offered by new national and state standards.” Their Comprehension & Collaboration, Revised Edition, is your end-to-end guide to small-group inquiry projects that work.

Successful inquiry isn’t simply sticking five kids together and telling them to research a topic. So Steph and Smokey share four kinds of inquiry units of increasing richness with all the teaching and planning resources you need. From preparing students for active learning and effective collaboration through assessment and evaluation, Comprehension & Collaboration, Revised Edition, gives you more of what teachers nationwide loved about the first edition:

  • 37 strategy lessons, including 11 completely new ones, for thinking and collaboration
  • 7 new step-by-step classroom stories that model inquiry-based units
  • Groundbreaking research in comprehension, collaboration, and inquiry
  • Connections to inquiry structures such as makers, design thinking, genius hour, and capstone projects
  • Tips on common questions about management and accountability
  • A completely rewritten chapter on the wise use of technology
  • Specific correlations from inquiry circles to common state and national standards.

Talk-and-test may seem easier or less messy, but it can’t meet the demands on today’s teachers. That’s why the time for inquiry is now and why now is the time for Comprehension & Collaboration, Revised Edition. Because as Steph and Smokey write, “It is only through highly engaging, experiential, and deeply supportive pedagogy that we can meet lofty standards and prepare kids for high-stakes tests—but also grow curious, lifelong learners.”

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Study Guide

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Curricular Inquiries

Literature Circle Inquiries

Open Inquiries


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Here’s where you’ll find the reproducible forms referenced in the book.


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