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Notice & Note Literature Log (5-pack)

By Kylene Beers, Robert E Probst

In the Notice and Note Literature Log readers can practice finding the signposts on passages from popular novels, get coaching from Kylene and Bob, log their reading, and note what they notice as they read for class or on their own.


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The Notice & Note Series
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“The essential element in rigor is engagement. If students are to read rigorously they must be committed to understanding some intriguing character, to solving some problem, to figuring out what a writer believes and how those thoughts compare with their own. The literary signposts in Notice and Note encourage this rigor. Now in the Notice and Note Literature Log, we share our signposts with students.”
—Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst

Notice and Note transformed how teachers help students read and analyze complex texts.
Now a new Notice and Note Literature Log offers students practice finding the signposts—with over-the-shoulder coaching from Kylene and Bob.

The first section of this interactive notebook offers students passages from popular novels in which they can practice—as a class or on their own—finding the Notice and Note signposts. Each practice passage is followed with comments from Bob and Kylene that explain to students what they read. These passages are perfect for minilessons the teacher might want to use to reinforce or reteach signpost lessons. In the second section, students log the books they are reading. In the final section, students have space to track their thinking and take notes on what they notice as they read novels for class or on their own.

The Notice and Note Literature Log is more than a place where students can “note what they notice.” Through its regular coaching commentary, this literature log offers students an opportunity, during independent reading, to read and learn with two master educators at their side.

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What students are saying about the Notice and Note signposts

“Last year I was really lost with annotating; I did not know what to mark in the book for what was important. After learning Contrasts and Contradictions and Aha Moments, I know EXACTLY what to mark and WHY. I finally see what I should look for while I read.” Gabe B., Arizona

“I used to read books by fake reading and not really understanding, but now I can use the signposts to understand and comprehend. Now I¹m using the signposts to dig deeper into the book.” Kabir D., Ohio

“These strategies help me analyze stories in depth, so I can figure out what is important!” Cody P., Florida

“These signposts have helped me know when to stop and think, so I understand what I am reading. Ethan S., Georgia

“There used to be no way I could easily understand the story and talk about it in class. I tried and tried, but I didn't know what to say. Then I learned the signposts and now I understand the story better. One of my favorites is Words of the Wiser.” Akash P., Ohio

“While watching the movies, I realized that the Aha Moments are not only aha moments for the characters, but also for the viewers! Now I catch myself waiting for another good Aha Moment.” Linda W., Missouri

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