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Science Notebooks, Second Edition

Writing About Inquiry

By Lori Fulton, Brian Campbell
Foreword by Hubert Dyasi

Learn how to use science notebooks as a powerful tool for helping students develop their thinking about scientific concepts, engage in the work of scientists and engineers, and exercise language skills—all while supporting the Next Generation Science Standards.

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The bestselling first edition of Science Notebooks inspired thousands of teachers to use science notebooks as a powerful way to help students reveal and develop their thinking about scientific concepts, engage in the work of scientists and engineers, and exercise language skills. Lori Fulton and Brian Campbell make the Second Edition even more valuable by showing how science notebooks support implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards for ELA.  The authors have also added new material to every chapter, including:

  • strategies to scaffold science notebook instruction
  • how science notebooks help students develop explanations and arguments based on evidence
  • strategies for collecting and analyzing science notebooks for formative assessment
  • new interviews with scientists and engineers that spotlight the use of science notebooks in their work.

 Student samples and classroom vignettes from a variety of settings illustrate the transformative effect of science notebooks on students’ scientific thinking as well as their literacy skills.

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Foreword by Rebecca E. Dyasi and Hubert M. Dyasi
Ch. 1: The Role of the Teacher
Ch. 2:  Elements of a Science Notebook
Ch. 3:  Signs of Student Progress
Ch. 4: Discussions with Scientists and Engineers
Ch. 5: Connections to Science Education Standards
Ch. 6: Literacy Connections



If you have ever picked up a book or read about a process or theory and said “Why didn’t I think of that?” then get ready for it to happen with Science Notebooks: Writing About Inquiry by Lori Fulton and Brian Campbell. This book follows a no nonsense approach to approaches that work to improve science learning and understanding for elementary students.

For a short book, only 128 pages including the bibliography, it provides a wealth of material for both beginning as well as experienced teachers. This is one of those books that should be required reading and study for all pre–service teachers as well as for any professional development aimed at elementary teachers who are teaching science. This is a book that hopefully will get used so much that it is water–spotted, dog–eared, and filled with marginal notes and sticky notes similar to what student notebooks should look like after use. Few books on the market today are as valuable for improving science education at the elementary level as this one is. A definite must read for every practicing elementary science teacher and for everyone planning to go into this field.

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