You're Welcome by Patrick Schwarz, Paula Kluth. 30 Innovative Ideas
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You're Welcome

You're Welcome

30 Innovative Ideas for the Inclusive Classroom

By Patrick Schwarz, Paula Kluth

You’re Welcome is a powerful tool for educational practices that makes inclusion meaningful and effective by providing the most pertinent information for supporting diverse learners.

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Full Description

Three handbooks; 30 key ideas presented in small, smart packages; all the information necessary to start making inclusion work effectively. Whether you’re a general educator, a special educator, an administrator, a therapist, or a family team member, You’re Welcome presents the thinking you’ll need to open your classrooms to all students.


You’re Welcome is divided into three handbooks that address the most important educational frameworks at the heart of inclusive schooling:

  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Collaboration and Teaming
  • Positive and Peaceful Behavior Supports


Each book contains ten big ideas that provide the most pertinent information for understanding and supporting diverse learners. Schwarz and Kluth distill the research and best practices behind inclusion into concise, actionable nuggets for professional learning that include:

  • classroom structures
  • instructional strategies
  • organizational principles and activities
  • lesson ideas
  • examples from real schools
  • recommended print and Web resources.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about crucial topics such as coteaching, team building, collaborating with students, integrating the IEP into the general education curriculum, creating personalized learning agendas, and writing sensitive and responsive behavior plans. Read You’re Welcome and discover a powerful tool for implementing educational practices that provide meaningful help for students with a range of diverse abilities, needs, gifts, and struggles as they achieve effective educational gains. 


Differentiating Instruction

1. Ask, Don’t Tell

2. Keep Them Anchored

3. Partner Up

4. Use Individual Agendas

5. Design Classroom Centers or Stations

6. Assign Projects

7. Create Choose-and-Learn Boxes

8. “Shake Up” Adult Roles and Responsibilities

9. Plan to Overlap

10. Integrate the IEP

Common Questions

Recommended Books

Recommended Websites


Collaboration and Teaming

1. Explore Collaboration Models

2. Understand Teaming Stages

3. Decide on a Mission

4. Find Problem-Solving Tools

5. Build Your Team

6. Work as Equals

7. Embrace Co-Teaching

8. Use a Range of Co-Teaching Structures

9. Encourage Student Collaboration

10. Celebrate!

Common Questions

Recommended Books

Recommended Websites


Positive and Peaceful Behavior Supports

1. Ask Different Questions

2. Evaluate the “Problem”

3. Build a Relationship

4. Ask “How’s Your Health?”

5. Learn to Read Behavior “Messages”

6. Teach Self-Management

7. Adapt the Environment

8. Offer Choice and Control

9. Change Curriculum and Instruction

10. Create a Support Plan

Common Questions

Recommended Books

Recommended Websites