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Image Grammar, Second Edition

Teaching Grammar as Part of the Writing Process

By Harry Noden

 “With Image Grammar, visual images are everything,” says Harry Noden. “This is why both teachers with struggling students and those with AP students have embraced the book through 15 printings." This updated edition includes a CD of customizable files of the strategies; reproducibles; dozens of weblinks; and more.

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“With Image Grammar, visual images are everything,” says author Harry Noden. “This is why both teachers with struggling students and those with AP students have embraced the book through 15 printings."

Each chapter is divided into two sections: concepts that show how professional writers develop their art and lesson strategies to implement these concepts in the classroom. New and expanded concepts in the second edition include:

  • an introduction to grammatical chunks
  • expanded discussion of the five basic brush strokes and examination of advanced brush strokes
  • presentation on the nonfiction model
  • explanation of the character wheel—a visual aid that helps students to write both a nonfiction and fiction character sketch.

Plus, the updated and expanded CD includes customizable files of the 60+ strategies; reproducible handouts; images and quotes for projection in the classroom; and dozens of weblinks.

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Chapter  1 The Writer as Artist: Basic Brush Strokes
Chapter  2 The Artist’s Eye: Seeing Specific Details
Chapter  3 The Artist’s Rhythms: The Music of Parallel Structures
Chapter  4 From Imitation to Creation: Learning from the Masters
Chapter  5 Advanced Techniques: Grammatical Chunks
Chapter  6 The Artist’s Special Effects: The Grammar–Meaning Connection
Chapter  7 Toward a Grammar of Passages: Linking Images Beyond the Sentence
Chapter  8 Story Grammar and Scenes: Shapes for Fiction
Chapter  9 A Closer Look at One Form of Non?ction: Writing a Feature Article or Research Paper
Chapter 10 Systematic Revision: Form, Style, Content, and Conventions

Updated and expanded CD will help you save time with:

  • 60+ teaching strategies
  • reproducible handouts for in-class activities
  • images and quotes to project for in-class writing
  • access to dozens of useful weblinks



Reviewers love Image Grammar:

“Never again will grammar be contrived, isolated, or unrelated to ‘real writing’ once you’ve read Noden’s Image Grammar!”

Margaret H. Hill, Voices from the Middle

Image Grammar is a well-structured, creative, and interesting book, the result of ideas Noden developed and tested during his thirty years of teaching more than 4,000 students.”

Connie Zitlow, English Journal

“The cause always precedes the effect. This essential principal of physics underlies our perceptions of the world and our lives. Recently, two discoveries changed my view of this. First, scientists have managed to break the speed of light using a combination of vacuums and chambers. Second, Harry Noden managed to break the ‘slowness of dark’ surrounding the study of grammar.”

Bob Ingalls, National Writing Project Quarterly

“I love the book as much as I did the first time I read it, twelve years ago. Like the first time, it makes me want to write fiction—immediately! In addition, with twelve years experience editing professional books behind me, I can say that yours is one of the beautifully written that I’ve ever worked on.”

Lisa Luedeke, former senior editor at Heinemann