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High Definition

Unforgettable Vocabulary-Building Strategies Across Genres and Subjects

By Sara Holbrook, Michael Salinger
Foreword by Ellin Oliver Keene

Break out of the vocab doldrums with High Definition, an approach to vocabulary instruction that’s not just effective but energizing and fun.  Students  collaborate in small-group discussions that lead to writing exercises in a variety of genres, then  share their work aloud, building community,  understanding, and retention.


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“This is kids’ ticket into an utterly different kind of vocabulary learning—an energy-juiced, falling in love with words. I wish I were back in school again, and my teacher had read this book.” —Ellin Oliver Keene

Any teacher who has challenged a sunny day with the phrase "vocabulary lesson" only to see a dark cloud descend over the room knows that students can be downright word resistant. Break out of the vocab doldrums once and for all with High Definition, a whole new approach to vocabulary instruction that’s not just effective, but energizing, sociable, and fun.

When kids envision a word as if it were a real person, with a unique voice and personality, they forever imprint the meaning of the word into their memories. Vocabulary lessons become anything but dull, and still blend seamlessly into your writing objectives. Veteran teacher-authors Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger offer a powerful formula for getting even the most reluctant kids into the act:

Well-chosen Words + Collaborative Discussion + Genre Writing + Performance = Strong Vocabulary

Students are first given a choice of vocabulary words, then collaborate with their peers in small- group brainstorming discussions that lead to writing exercises in a variety of genres. Finally they share their work aloud, building community and understanding throughout the classroom.

Everything you need to put High Definition into action is included:

• Sample word lists give you an immediate starting place for choosing vocabulary words

• Collaboration Cheat Sheets offer instant pre-write organizational help

• Clear explanations of each genre include ways you can build on what kids already know in their lives

• Student samples throughout provide inspiring examples of how students take the definition of words way beyond what’s offered in dictionaries

• Lesson Process Plans show you how to use writing, collaboration, and performance across genres and content areas.

Help your kids build strong and lively vocabularies. Teach with High Definition and discover how to make words unforgettable.

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