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The Essentials of Science and Literacy

A Guide for Teachers

By Karen Worth, Jeff Winokur, Sally Crissman, Martha Heller-Winokur, Martha Davis
Foreword by Lori Fulton

Filled with practical strategies and thought-provoking ideas, this book invites you to explore the link between science and literacy—and how your current literacy instruction can be used to teach science to the benefit of learning and thinking in both domains.


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Full Description

The twenty-first century has brought with it considerable buzz surrounding the connections between science and literacy. Karen Worth and her colleagues have been at the center of this discussion for more than a decade, and they share their very practical ideas and insights.

—Lori Fulton

Author of Science Notebooks: Writing About Inquiry

The voice of real teachers is loud and clear—the centerpiece of this very readable and profoundly helpful book. It will be extraordinarily helpful for anyone interested in using writing and talk to enhance the learning in a classroom where students have a direct experience with science as inquiry.

—Harold Pratt

Past NSTA president

The case for cross-disciplinary collaboration is supported by moving testimonials from classroom teachers who joined the authors in their quest for a deeper understanding of the science-literacy connection. A must read for teachers in either domain.

—Peter Dow

Author of Outdoor Inquiries: Taking Science Investigations Outside the Classroom

Essentials of Science and Literacyprovides classroom teachers with a wealth of classroom tested and research-based best practices designed to engage students. It addresses one of the major shortcomings in many classrooms, providing students with the time and opportunity to make sense and to communicate their understanding of the science investigation they are engaged in.

—Mike Klentschy

Author of Scaffolding Science Inquiry Through Lesson Design

Karen Worth and her colleagues understand the link between science and literacy connection. Their book is filled with both practical strategies and thought-provoking ideas that invite you to explore how the literacy teaching you may already be doing can be used in science instruction to the benefit of learning and thinking in both domains.

This highly readable and profoundly insightful book has three straightforward sections:

  • Essentials, from the nature of scientific inquiry to the importance of teacher questions
  • Talk, from creating a culture of talk to gathering ideas and making meaning
  • Writing, from the anatomy of science notebooks to their implementation and to writing beyond the notebook.

A study guide is also included, making Essentials of Science and Literacy ideal for book study with your PLC or preservice teachers.

Let Essentials of Science and Literacy inspire you to see the natural fit between your inquiry science teaching and your balanced literacy instruction.

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