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Clock Watchers

Six Steps to Motivating and Engaging Disengaged Students Across Content Areas

By Stevi Quate, John McDermott
Foreword by Cris Tovani

This six-step framework applies research on increasing motivation and engagement. You’ll catch and hold students’ interest in any content area, connect kids with content through assessment, and get ideas for projects, activities, and classroom routines.


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Full Description

Listen to a podcast with Stevi Quate, John McDermott, and two teachers who have used their framework to get all students engaged and motivated.


“Instead of cringing the next time your colleagues utter the words, “These students don’t care,” hand them Clock Watchers. Describe your personal struggles and your experience with the book so they know that you know what they’re going through. Then point out a few of your favorite ideas. As you walk away, you’ll smile knowing you’ve made a difference.” —Cris Tovani
Author of I Read It, but I Don’t Get It

For Stevi Quate and John McDermott, this was the missing piece of their teaching: “How can I motivate my students and then create a context that will engage them?Clock Watchers is their powerful answer—a plan that gets kids to care about learning and truly engage with the curriculum.

Clock Watchers is not a book of tips and tricks. Instead it applies the research on motivation and engagement to support increased achievement and improved attitudes about school. Quate and McDermott’s six-step framework:

  • catches students’ interest across the content areas
  • holds it through meaningful learning and valuable interactions
  • uses assessment to create further opportunities to connect kids with content
  • sustains it all with ideas for projects, activities, and even classroom routines and rituals.

Clock Watchers works with the most reluctant learners. Its end-of-text study guide makes the book ideal for PLCs and study groups, and it is a research-based resource for district-wide initiatives aimed at improving student motivation and engagement.

If deeper learning, increased achievement, and reduced drop-out rates matter to you, then motivation and engagement are an urgent matter. Read Clock Watchers with colleagues and put it into action—before the time to change your students’ lives runs out. 

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